After reading different forum and blogs, I found out that Low Carbs and High Fat diet is perfect for those who are diabetics. So here I am trying this amazing diet and hoping that it will help me control my blood sugar.

I’ve been doing this for a week already and I am so amazed that I can do it. Actually, my husband is doing it too and that made this diet possible. He is the one helping me reach my goals. I am so thankful for his effort.

Well, he also needs to lose weight and that is the reason I convinced him to join me on this diet.

The last time I checked my weight, it was 146lbs but after a week I am now 140lbs. So happy!!

By the way, I am now back on taking Metformin and doing this for 2 weeks already. So I have to wait for 6-7 weeks before my medication take effects. I will update more about that next time.