Gareth’s 11th Birthday

Happy Birthday Gareth! I still remember the day I first laid my eyes on you! You were the cutest and I instantly fall in love with you! Since then we were inseparable.

We’ve been through a lot anak! You are one of the reasons why I survived when a tsunami hits our family. I was so amazed when you mentioned your little sister and you still call her Baby Pillow, I know you grieve but you handle it differently. You simply made me strong and help me realized to just live in a moment.

When the doctors confirmed about your special case, My goal that time was to provide you the best because you deserve it. Now that you are 11 years old you exceeded my expectations. You are the best kuya to Xavier! Thanks for your everyday hugs and kisses. It made me feel good and ready to face the everyday challenges.

I wish you happiness Anak! I hope someday you will be able to read this message. Remember that you are loved and enough. You don’t need to be something else because I love the way you are! You are indeed my lucky Charm!

I am looking forward for more adventures! We will going to travel around the world 🌎 my favorite travel buddy! Cheers for more adventures, fun and healthy life Gareth!

We love you so much!