Bubbly Mom


I’m still  having cough and sore throat. I have some sleepless nights too because of the cough so most of the time I am just staying at home.

So many things are going on with my life right now and so I need to clear up my mind. I  need to decide on something and this is really crucial.

I feel that I am in the dark place and things around me are really so messy. I thought I can control things but now everything seems fleeting..

I don’t want to make a decision that will create more damage. I want to think it over and over again…

The bad thing is I don’t trust some people around me, because I know that they are just taking advantage of my situation and I know that some of them are just sticking around because they can still get something from me. But what if I will lose everything, do you think they will still stick around?

It is somehow frustrating that I am doing my best to solve everyone’s problem and when it is my turn for help, no one can offer something. Everyone thought that I can do it alone…

So I realized..

That from now on I will focus on myself. I need to have keep my family have enough because I know when I have a problems no one can help us.

I need to focus on what really matters this time…  I hope to achieve this goal soon.


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