I don’t let anyone control me, specially on the way I think. Though I accept some advises and some mentoring because I needed it so much but I don’t just get it from a loser, specially those intentions are not clear.






















When I started my business, I got different reactions from the people around me. They made me feel that I can’t make it that my dreams was unreachable. They even laugh at me. They don’t believe that I can make it.

They saw me struggled. They saw me feeling hopeless and some of them trying to help me but most of them turn their backs on me.

But I never waste my time on their ideas about me. I just let them say whatever they want and I just focus on reaching my goals.

I don’t care about their ideas because it’s not even helping me.

So after quite sometime when they saw the results of my effort they started coming back and this time they are asking for favors… oh well. But I never turned my back to them, instead I share whatever I have.

Then some of them tried to copy me and when they can’t make it, they started telling lies about me. It hurts me but I just let them. I’m already so busy for my career than to waste my time on their little minds.

So to those who turned me down, don’t worry I am okay now and I’m glad you did what you did. Don’t worry I’m okay. Maybe you are wondering why I never gave time to your little ideas, simply because I find a different road that’s away from all your negative thoughts. Away that I can’t even hear your negativity.

I am more focus this time and I just want to let you know that still… you can’t affect me.