Horse Riding

I always have this soft spot for horses. When I was young, we have horses nearby but it was not ours. When I attempted to ride a horse my Lola always freaked out. She was so scared that I might get hurt. She was always a protective one.

So I really never got a chance to ride a horse when I was young.

Then finally I tried it..


There was even a time that I wanted to enroll into equestrian but so scared but now that I tried it I think I am ready.

So I just hope it will not broke any of my bones.


Gareth likes it too. He just keep on singing while riding a horse.

I’m glad that hubby was so supportive of this idea because he also wanted for kids to have fun.



Daddy with Xavier. They like it so much. I wish I have a farm that my boys can enjoy it everyday. Oh maybe I will get one in the future…


It was a great quick getaway with the family and I think we will do it often.