Summer Getaway

June 6, 2018

It was unplanned.

I was so exhausted and I think I need time for a quick getaway.

So on the last week of May, I decided to have a days off at a nearby beach. So we decided to stay at Pico de Loro in Nasugbu.

But since we cannot afford to leave our work on the weekends because that was our busiest, so we had our getaway in the middle of the week which I also like because the beach were emptied and the hotel was less crowded.

So we packed our bags and leaves home around 3pm. Yeah quite late already since we need to catch our sleep and hubby needs rest because he will be the one driving.


Xavier was bugging us almost everyday that he wanted to go to the beach to play the sands. He even requested a sand toys.

Yay we were so ready…

We packed kids clothes on the day of our outing because we can’t do it in advance because if Gareth finds out, he can’t sleep anymore.

So we should not let them see that we are packing already or else they will never let us sleep.

It was already dark when we reached Tagaytay so the travel time was quite long. It was also raining that time and I silently wished that the weather will be fine when we reach the beach.

We arrived around 9pm. We were already sleepy and starving.


We ordered food then sleep.

We were so tired and sleepy.