Bubbly Mom


It was a stressful week for me. I wonder what happened to everyone, some of my business associates didn’t contact me back after they promised to call me.

I keep on thinking what happened to them…

I wonder about our business deal…

I didn’t hear from them…

I was anxious the whole week.

So we decided to watch movie and just chill for a while.

So we went to Eastwood..

Went to Starbucks then had the following..

Then went to the bookstore and get this new book.

then later on…

I got a call from my business associates only to be told that they had a problem with their Globe account and they never got my text messages. They thought I was not interested anymore with our business deals. Imagine the stressed it brings to us and I almost lost a business deal due to the poor signal of Globe. hahay!

Due to stress, I overeat and I can’t even sleep well. I thought that I will lost a very important business deal because of such a reason.


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