July 29, 2018

I was still not feeling well but I have a very important meeting.

So we went to Pasay then finished around 4pm then headed to BGC.

We had our late lunch at the Japanese Resto and I never took pictures because I have some business associates with me. They don’t know that I am a blogger.

And besides they are older than me and some of them don’t understand about blogging and some social media activities.

They are really old fashion, I need to bring some hard copy of the docs needed. They don’t use email regularly. They don’t do FB Messaging, they don’t use their smart phones and so I need to adjust with them.

It’s quite hard at first but later on I easily adjusted on bringing docs and meeting them anywhere. Sometimes in a place that I’m not familiar but it’s okay. That’s  how it should be.

In reality, I learn a lot from them. I know that I should be open to everything particularly about business. They were teaching me on how to do business and I am really learning and I’m loving it. I realized that although I am doing business for 10 years, I know that I am still a newbie. I am hungry for more.

After our meeting, I stayed longer in BGC because I need to relax myself. I stayed in a coffee shop and read book.

Then we  had our dinner at TWG.

It was our first time since I’m not really a tea person.

But when I checked the menu, I think it’s worth a try since they offer pancakes, crepe and Benedict’s Egg.

So here are our orders:

We tried tea and somehow it calms my throat.

My crepe with mushroom and chicken. So satisfying…

Hubby’s order


Me trying the tea.. I’m loving it.

Then we went home around 12 midnight. 🙂 It was a great day.