Sunday Meeting

Yes even on Sunday I have a meeting.

Actually a business meeting.

Why on Sunday?

Normally, I need to finalize everything on Sunday for Monday transactions. I don’t wake up early on Monday so having a meeting on Sunday is the best idea. Some people tried to adjust on my schedules and I appreciate them for that. Of course most of the time I also adjust my schedules on other peoples schedules and that is what you called respect.

So after my Sunday meeting, we went to Powerplant Mall to fix our watches, we decided to have our late lunch at Mongkok.

I miss the seafood rice!

Everytime I am in Powerplant Mall this is what I am looking forward for…

I also  need to consume some beef because in the past few days my BP is somewhat low that made me dizzy.


There was no traffic so we can easily went around the city easily.

My look for that day. Hindi halatang puyat! Dinaan na lang sa makeup.