Bubbly Mom

>RIP Marky Cielo

>I just found out it today when I checked PEP. I can’t believe it. He is staying in Antipolo pala so near to my place. The cause of his death is still uncomfirm but it might be because of bangungot….

>I am Proud of Him!!!

>He did it again!! Filipinos are so proud of him and he deserves to win because he really work hard for it. Today… I become so proud to be a Filipino. This means more moolah to Pacquiao!! 🙂

>Pepper Lunch Addiction

>Me and hubby like Pepper Lunch. We went to Rockwell just to enjoy the yummy dish. 🙂 I am happy that soon it will be available in Shangrila. Very accessible… and we are so excited for it..

>Christmas = Traffic

>If you are living in Metro Manila you will definitely experience traffic especially this Christmas season. I hate to go out during this time but I don’t have a choice. I need to go out tomorrow but it seems that…

>Your Baby Can Read

>I saw a video tutorial on how to teach our baby to read. It amazed me that a less than a year baby can read. So I checked the video but it’s pricey so I checked for other options. My…


>When I started my day this morning I received new instruction from my client and he asked me to become his manager and I need to hire 3 providers. So I immediately accepted the task and then I got new…


> I watched news last night and crisis are everywhere. Recession happens not just in third world country but also in U.S. My clients from U.S are now experiencing financial difficulties and so I don’t have task right now. Eventhough…

>Fashion Ideas

>I wanted to try a wrapped dress because I read that it will make me look slimmer… hmmmm interesting.. Lately, I wanted to collect oversized shades and so far I only have two and I want to add more..

>Check it…

>If you love handmade elegant pieces then visit my other site.. I feature unique and elegant pieces and I am sure that those items are perfect for Christmas. 🙂 I love online shopping but for now I need to stop…

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