>Your Minisites

>If you are looking for minisites designer? Then contact me!! 🙂 For sample check this link.

>LPG Regulator

>Last night while my husband was cooking I smell the fume of the LPG. It was not a normal smell so I asked him to turn off the LPG. We found out that their is […]

>Back to School

>I was away the whole day because we went to Divisoria to purchase school supplies for my brother and sister. I am the one in charge of their education and as you can see I […]

>TV Problem

>Clint, my nephew visited us. Gareth and him had a fight always because of little things. When Clint hold a certain toy Gareth will just grab it and it started a fight. Clint is the […]

>Long Day

>It was a long day. I woke up around 6a.m because I need to attend the baptism of my niece. I am also a godparent. So I gather my family members to wake up early […]

>Thanks to Multiply

>Today I am looking for baby clothes because most of Gareth’s clothes are not fit to him anymore. He grows so fast. I want to order from Old Navy through a friend but change my […]

>Happy Birthday My Dear!!

>Yesterday was my husband’s 30th Birthday. I wish him good health, happiness and success. I am so lucky to have a husband like him. He takes care of me and Gareth. He is a hands […]