March 17 Update

Some of our agents are living in Tanay, Rizal so we need to give them a temporary accommodation.

I woke up late because I sleep late, I can’t sleep early because I am monitoring the situation in our office at the same time with the pandemic update. Then, when I checked my phone, I found out that they started walking because there were no transportation.

I am restless… I am thinking about the safety of my people.
My team while they are waiting for hubby to pick them up. They can’t come to the office anymore since no transpo available in their area due to community quarantine.
Most of my agents are staying nearby. I am worried about their safety, specially their health. I provided them Vitamins C and so far they are all healthy and I am thankful for that. They have a positive outlook despite of what is happening. I constantly get in touch with them and I see to it that their well being is taking cared of.
We rented an apartment near to our office, a walking distance from the office and luckily it is big enough for my team to stay. So we got some foam for them to have a comfortable sleep.

The apartment can accommodate at least 7 pax and they can sleep comfortably.

I wish I can provide them more but my resources are also limited. I believe that God will provide and can make things better. All of these are just temporary. I am glad that my agents are still willing to work despite of all these things.

I hope this pandemic will be over soon. I am glad that despite this hardships I can still provide for my people.