Light Museum

It took a while since I posted about our Japan Tour because we have limited internet access at home.

So okay…

Here are some of the highlights of our tour:

We went to Light Museum early knowing that we have a lot of time to explore the place but when we arrived at the area, there was a long line! It took us 2 hours to get inside the light museum.

It just good that we ate before going to the museum and we also bring some extra food.

It was holiday that time and the start of school break so basically, more tourists and locals were going…

I was so amazed… I hope Philippines will come up of this kind of museum..

Sobrang saya ko, ang ganda ganda talaga. The pictures will not justify the beauty of the place. You should really visit the place to appreciate it.

There’s also a time limit so we need to take pictures fast. But everything is so worth it!