Drop Shipping Services

Are you interested in starting your own online business but don’t know how to start? Well, we can help you build your website.

You can check more about us at East Joint Marketing Services website.

You can also email me at jannethceo@ejempire.com

Here are some of the samples of our work.





If you wan to have your own dropshipping business just let us know! We can help you build your business!

Under Construction

We are building our start up BPO business. We’ve been praying this for months and I am thankful that our dream business is now turn into reality!

It was a busy week. We purchased the equipment and turn our office super messy!


I am excited for this business and I’m praying so hard that God will guide us all the way.

There are so many things that needed to do and I think this is a really good start and we are proud of what we’ve accomplished so far.