Company Christmas Party


Dec. 15, 2015

Christmas Party

I gather my staffs for our Christmas Party. We rented a private place to have videoke.








IMG_0297 IMG_0304

IMG_0347 IMG_0354


It was a simple celebration with my team and I am so glad that I found great people for my business. I am thankful to have them.

After the party, I received a message from them, thanking for the bonus we shared. The company is still growing and the income is really not good but that doesn’t stop me of not giving them bonus. I think it is my duty to give it to them because I know the feeling of being an employee. I know that this is the time of the year where they expect something from a Boss, because most of them are breadwinners and their families are expecting something from them this Christmas.

At the end of it all, what matters to me is how I touched other lives and how I brought smile and hope to their lives.