Adidas Yeezy Boost

I am so excited when my yeezys are finally here.
I ordered it before the pandemic happened, hoping to wear it on my travels.
The problem when travelling is so much walking particularly in the airports. There are huge airports that sometimes I need to ran to get to the right gates. So having a comfortable shoes is really essential for me.
I remember when I was new in travelling, I didn’t wear a comfortable shoes and it just made me so grumpy. I learn from that mistake and since then I make sure that I bring with me a comfortable shoes.
When I found out about Yeezy, I was hesitant at first but when I tried it for the first time, I got addicted to it. I find it so comfortable… when running around the airport and of course during the tour itself. It is also stylish, I can wear with dress, shorts, jeans and so on…
When my orders arrived, I was so happy but quite sad. I can’t use it due to pandemic. All my travel plans for this year is cancelled. So I have to wait when will this pandemic will be over.
But you know what… during this time, everything seems so unsure. We don’t know what comes next. The anxiety and stress it brought us is really overwhelming. While waiting for my order somehow made me excited again and not thinking of the stress that is going around me. It made me feel better and happy.