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Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes


1. First of all, my wish is good health for the entire family.

I am so thankful for our health and safety every single day. Sabi ko nga kahit madaming mga problema na dumadating basta healthy lang kaming lahat, mahaharap ko ng maayos ang mga challenges sa business.


2. Business Growth

My goal is to provide a stable career, kasi alam ko na sa ganong paraan mas makakatulong ako sa bawat pamilya ng mga tao ko. Alam ko na kung may stable work sila, kahit papano mas malaki ang maitulong nila sa pamilya nila. I believe that God will provide. I know in a right time maggrow din ang company. I know it will come…

3.  Safety – sa dami ng mga nangyayari ngayon sa mundo, I wish so hard for the safety of my family and people. I hope that the holy spirit will protect us always. I want us to grow old together. I want to see my team grow abundantly. 



I am so thankful to God for blessing me a good life. I hope to share the blessings He trusted on me to the people around me. I will never get tired of sharing.

I am thankful for my kids: Irish, Gareth and Xavier. I am also thankful for my siblings for being with me always. I am thankful for all their support and love. I know it is hard for them to cope up with me, but I am glad and thankful that they stay with me.


I am also thankful for having a supportive and loving husband.


Lastly, Thank you to Ayumi and to all the Angels who guided me everyday. Ayumi, I know that you are all behind of this and thank you so much Anak. I miss you so much and I love you!

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