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14th Wedding Anniversary 

14th Wedding Anniversary 

August 9, 2017

Around 2pm we headed to Bayview Park Hotel Manila.

We decided to stay in that Hotel for our nearby appointment the next day. When we reached at the hotel, we were already starving and here are our orders:


We just stayed in the hotel for the rest of the day since we were so tired from work. We watched TV and read books. I have so many ebooks that I need to finish and I guess it was the best time to catch up.

Yes, it’s our 14th Wedding Anniversary! Wow isn’t that long already? ahhhaha

Okay.. here’s the story.. oh well our love story..

In the year 2000, while I was mending my broken heart, I went to Cebu. Hubby is my chatmate that time and he was staying in Cagayan de Oro. When he found out that I went to Cebu, he immediately booked a ticket and met me.

Since then, we are always together.

We got married in 2003, 3 years for being my boyfriend.

We were together for 17 years and getting stronger. Though we experienced some storms along the way but it just made us stronger.

I think there is really no secret.

Our marriage life is not perfect.. we’ve done so many things that tested our love and faith.

There were times that I thought we can’t make it anymore, but with God guidance and our love to each other, we somehow survived and reach this far.

I know there maybe more trials along the way but I believe that if we compromise then eventually everything will be okay.

Marriage is a constant adjustment to each other. It’s not just love but respect and dedication to stay no matter what.

I’m glad that we reach this far because I really never believe that someone will stick with me this long, since I know that I have a complicated personality.

I am thankful for the love he showered on me and dealing with me for 17 years. I am looking forward for that day that both of us will have our senior citizen  card so we can watch movies for free. ahahahah

Cheers everyone!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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