Feeling Blue

I was not quite feel good yesterday,  I had my stomachache for 2 days. I am trying to relax after taking meds. I was not in the mood of going out so staying at home is my best option after we visited Ayumi.

Then suddenly Gareth went to hugs and gave me kisses. Enough for me to feel good!

Gareth really knew how to make me feel good. He is so sensitive to my mood and if he knew that I am not feeling good, he is always on the rescue.

He really knows how to make me feel good. He has this tactics that he alone can do it to me that made me feel good. He don’t do it verbally, he seldom express his feelings but he always makes me feel special. He knows what made me feel bad.

It seems that we have our connections, I know when he is not okay, even though I am far from him. I know exactly how he feels.

One time, while I was traveling, I suddenly feel uneasy, I know there is something wrong with him. I called the house and found out that Gareth was so upset and can’t stop crying. So we do a video call and talked to him then eventually he was okay.

So don’t think that those special kids don’t have a feeling, they are more sensitive to other peoples feelings, specially to those who are close to them.


Having Gareth is a blessing indeed!