Visiting My Little Angel Ayumi

It’s this time of the year again…

I never thought that I will be doing this..

I never thought that I will be the one visiting my child grave. It is not the right order of life, but I think this is what it is.

It is written in my book of life to experience this pain and so be it.

I have no choice… it was part of the planned.

Though painful…  I have to carry on.

Everyday I still miss her. It’s been 4 years already but it’s still feels like yesterday. Sometimes I wake up feeling so empty and I wanted to hugs and kiss her again.

If only I have another chance to be with her again… If only… I will hold her close and never let her go.



It was raining the whole time and we decided not to let the kids go with us.

The weather seems know how I feel… It’s so gloomy inside and out.


The hard part of life is we have to keep on living even when our world has stopped spinning, and all the stars are laying at our feet. – Zoe Clark-Coates