Anthony Bourdain

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I seldom talk about celebrities but if I did, it must be someone relevant and I like so much.

While inside the car, going home from our short beach getaway and stuck in traffic, I  happened to open my phone and check my FB Feeds.

Then I shouted Oh No!!!!

I cried!

I just read that Anthony Bourdain commits suicide!

I really can’t believe it. He is the person I really admire. I wish he was my father. He’s carefree aura and the way he tells a story are the reasons that I like him.

Everytime I watched his shows, it feels that I am with him. I liked how he tell stories, simple yet different. I like how he explore with food and I learn how to do it. I tried different cuisine because of him. I tried the cheese platter because of him. I tried tasting different wine because of him. I’m curious about the blood sausage and I am looking forward to taste it on my future travels because of him. There were so  many things I love about him and when I watched his shows, I jokingly told to my kids that we are watching their Grandpa shows. LOL

It is because he is part of our household. When I was so tired of weeks of working and I wanted to breath but I can’t travel I just watched his shows and it instantly made me feel good. We even spent our whole night watching with all the food prepared infront of us. It is somehow our little way to relax and bond with the kids.

I even planned of going back to New York and wishing to meet him or even thinking of following his whereabouts and just have a picture of him. Oh well…


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It saddened me that he ended his own life due to depression because when I was down in Depression, he is also one of the reasons why I surpassed that agony.

When I don’t feel like going out and continuing my life, I just asked hubby to play Anthony Bourdain’s show. We even downloaded all the episodes of his shows and I go on days watching it. It somehow made me feel good. The stories were inspiring and made me realized that life is still beautiful and there were so many places to explore. That I should go on with my life.

I just feel so sad that Anthony didn’t find that reasons to go on with his life.

Now that he is gone, I really don’t know what to watch anymore. We watched the episodes all over again and still it’s  hard to believe that he was gone.

You know that feeling when you’re done reading a book, but still not completely over it, that’s my real feeling right now. I’m now asking for more… I wanted more but I know I can’t have more. Maybe someday I can accept that it’s finally over but for now I will continue to wonder…

Rest in Peace Anthony