Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone! Here is our video on Christmas Eve when we opened our gifts! I wish everyone a blessed Merry Christmas…

I know that this year is kinda different from all our past Christmases but there is so much to be thankful for. I know that some don’t know how to celebrate Christmas this time but I want you to know that somehow you feel better this season. I will include you all to my prayers and I hope that this pandemic will be over soon because that is what we are all praying for.

Be still everyone… I know that God is in control of everything.

Enchanted Kingdom 2020

December 28, 2019

We went to Enchanted Kingdom after years of not visiting.

This is Xavier’s first time to visit Enchanted Kingdom. 

He’s so excited…

He looks so happy!

The park that time was until midnight so we let the kids do whatever they want.

The Realto has amazing movie this time.

I remember when I worked in Enchanted Kingdom during year 2000, I can’t even bring my family because I can’t afford it. So when I started earning I make sure to bring my siblings and Mother to experience it. It is just sad that I never brought my Father.


December 26, 2019

We visited our Uncle in Cavite, his wife died before Christmas. We seldom see our relatives in Father side.

For a short time we talked, I learned about his life and I admire his abilities and on how he started his life in Cavite.

Most of our relatives are living in Cagayan de Oro City.

After visiting him, we went to Tagaytay City, just so near from his place.

We had dinner at Bag of Beans, my favorite place because the place is so instagramable. 🙂

After our dinner, we went home. We arrived around 2am.

Christmas Dinner

Dec. 25, 2019

We had our Christmas Dinner at Friday’s in Eastwood.

We need to use our membership card. ahahah kailangan masulit.

Napadami yata ang order namin…

Busog na busog kami. After ng dinner nag ikot ikot lang.

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2019

While waiting for the 12 oclock!

The gifts are ready…

Actually, it is my tradition ever since I got work to prepare gifts for the whole family. I still remember those times that I have only minimum wage, I shop in Greenhills or in any tyange. I never knew Taytay tyange that time yet. Every midnight my family got their gifts. I make sure to prepare something for them. I always put “from Santa” because that was my mother used to put when we were young.

Though we were not rich, my mother make sure that every Christmas we have some gifts and she let us believe about Santa.

When I started earning, I make sure to prepare something for them, I just wished that my father is still alive today, maybe I got him a new car with a driver as a Christmas gift.

The kids were excited…

Before we opened the gifts, Xavier keeps on checking the gifts and he was so happy that Santa sent him more gifts this year!

We had our videoke while waiting for the midnight..

I also bought these cat costumes for holiday. They don’t know what to do when we let them wear it. They can’t move. hahaha


I believe that Christmas is a season of giving and I am happy that despite everything that happened to us this year, I got more blessings to be thankful for.

Office Christmas Party

Finally the list was complete and we were ready to party!

The giveaways… Spaghetti set with company t-shirts. I asked my team to write their 5 wishes and I grant 1 wish. So I need to complete at least 50 wishes and that made me so busy. It was hard at first but it was fun. Hubby made sure to organize and create a system that we followed to make everything easier.

When they received their gifts, they looked so happy and it made so happy as well.

We had a simple celebration this time and I like this better.