oDesk Meet and Greet


For the first time oDesk Meet and Greet in Manila was held last Thursday. Hubby and I received the invitations and we are really very excited to meet our fellow oDeskers.

I also met my college friend after 14 years.
I am at oDesk since October of 2007 and since then I never leave oDesk. I got my full time job at oDesk. I started data entry projects, writer and SEO. When I became a Marketing Assistant my life changes. When we need additional help, I asked my husband to join our team and that is the start of the unbelievable program. Our Mentor from U.S help us gain more clients. He held conferences just to show the program and so glad that his fellow managers joined too. We become Country Marketing Managers and currently handling U.S. offices and soon Canada.
I am so thankful and forever grateful to oDesk for opening the opportunities to us. I never thought that a stay at home mom like me can earn while taking care of my kids.
If you are interested to hire me.. check my oDesk Profile.