Last Day in Singapore

On our last day in Singapore, my only itinerary was shopping!

I got few pieces for my whole year stock and gifts for my team and relatives.

I didn’t shop a lot because I need to save for the 13th month of my employees. ahhaha

Ganon palagi, kapag pasko hindi ako gumagastos ng para sa sarili ko kasi may kailangan akong unahin. I need to provide the 13th month, gifts for employees and of course for the gift giving to my team, family and relatives.

October pa lang nakaplano na lahat kung ano lang ang dapat gastusan, nakatabi na ang budget para sa employee. If only I can save their whole year salary para hindi na ako mag alala. But now, that we are growing, madaming adjustments talaga but I’m glad that this year medyo maganda ang naging takbo ng business and I am so thankful for it at dapat ibalik ko din sa employees ko ang blessings. They deserved it.

So we had our lunch and Gareth was expecting rice, kaya medyo disappointed sya. Walang rice don sa resto.

Xavier is so happy and behaved in this trip. I’m so proud of them. Pwede na silang isama sa mga travels namin.

Ang haba haba ng pila, my goodness umabot ako sa Friday Sale kaya ayan ang laki ng discounts ko pero yon nga lang tyaga ka sa pila.

Universal Studios Part 2

The fun continues…

It was quite humid that day and kids were starting to get mad, so when they started crying, I bring them to colder place like a souvenir shops or we let them have rides. It cools them down…

But around 5pm they were so tired already and they want to go back to the hotel.

Right in time when Pinocchio show up then Gareth had a picture. Shrek didn’t show up that time so having Pinocchio is already enough for Gareth.

It is always fun travelling with Kids but they are so demanding, but we made it. We already know how to handle them unlike before when Xavier was 2 years old, we had a hard time controlling him in public places. This time our travel was calmer and I think we have to do it often.

Gareth loves to travel and I am so lucky that he can adapt to changes because some special kids can’t handle the airplane noise and the constant movement of people around them.

Maybe because when Gareth was still young, we already exposed him to travel.

Universal Studios Part 1

The reason we are here in Singapore is for Gareth’s birthday request.

He always like to visit Universal Studios because this is Shrek’s home. He loves Shrek, he watched all the movies of Shrek and even memorized the songs.

So when we were on our way to Universal Studios and he saw the castle from outside, he shouted Shrek!

So I know that this is going to be fun.. because he knows what he really wants.

As a mom, I’m happy when he requested this trip because Gareth seldom asks something. So whatever makes Gareth happy, I will definitely give it to him.

We went to different rides and I took my vertigo meds first because I want to have fun too. I want to create more happy memories with the kids so I went with them in any activities they want.