Ski Resort

February 14, 2020

We went to Ski Resort

This is our first time.
I was scared and I don’t want to ski. I just wear the boots and the ski outfit so I can get inside the ski resort. You can’t get in if you don’t wear a proper gear and that’s for the safety.

Only hubby and Clint tried the ski and Clint did it so well.
Hubby needs to practice more.
Gareth loves the snow. He enjoyed walking and touching the snow.
Xavier finally made a snow angel. Before our trip, he was already planning of doing this.
Hubby is trying so hard…. good job!
Clint enjoyed skiing so much. He went up and down.
The whole gang 😀

Nami Island, South Korea

Feb. 14, 2020
On our way to Nami Island.
Just arrived at the Island
We witnessed a wedding proposal.
They belong to our group tour and the guy informed our tour guide about his plan. So when we went to Nami Island, we acted as if we don’t know the plan. They look so great together!
Xavier is having fun… that’s his crazy pose!
My boys! My love!
Ate Irish
Happy Valentines day!
Eight years ago, we also celebrated our Valentines day in Korea and now we are back with the kids. It is indeed a great Valentines day!
With our Lucky Charm
With my Valentine 🙂

Dinner Time

It was a long day and we were already so tired and hungry.
Then we had our dinner before going back to the hotel. It simply brighten our mood.
The kids were about to have tantrums but when they saw the food, it changes the mood.

My Koreans

I let the kids wear the Korean Costume and they had fun.
They look so cute…
Xavier looks like a little korean in this picture.
Gareth obliged and love the costume.

Making a Roll

We got a chance to make a roll. I always wanted to learn the traditional way of doing it and amazingly it is just easy.
I think I can make a California Maki now.
I can let kids bring it to their school too. ahahah

Everland Resort

On our first day we went to Everland Resort.
I like this one because we stayed outdoor most of the time.
If only I am younger, malamang sumakay na ako sa roller coaster na yan. Sobrang laki nan at grabe ang lamig that time kaya malamang kung sasakay man ako dyan, maninigas ako sa lamig.
After namin sumakay nito, sobra kaming nilamig. Nag stay kami sa coffee shop at don uminom ng hot choco.
Sobrang saya ni Xavier, takbo ng takbo at enjoy na enjoy sa mga nakikita niya.


During take off.. I so love sunsets and this one is really my best shots!
When I am at the beach, I always see to it to witness the Sunset.
And this one is really something, my first time to view sunset while inside the airplane and I really appreciate the beauty of nature. It is indeed a beautiful life.
When we are already in the airport while waiting for our bus.
The boys looks so tired. I am glad that Gareth is behaved the whole time. It was so cold when we arrived in South Korea. The kids thermal jackets were already in their hand carry bag so they can easily wear it when we landed in South Korea.
I was so prepare for this trip, particularly in their thermals. It was their first time in winter so I need to be sure that they are comfortable.
There was corona virus and I was so worried. Months before the trip I bombarded them with Vitamin C to boost their immune system. I’m glad that they are okay during and after our trip.

Off to South Korea

Feb. 12, 2020
We were off to South Korea.
This vacation was originally planned last year but I need to reschedule it due to some conflict with my other travels.
Then finally it happened! I am glad that this time the kids are with us.

We went to South Korea last 2013, a month after I lost my daughter. I was not on my best that time and though South Korea is a beautiful country, I never appreciate that much because I was heart broken.
So this time, I am more excited because my mood is way better than the first time and of course I am with the kids.
We were 3 hours earlier and I am glad because we have more time to relax.

Last Day in Singapore

On our last day in Singapore, my only itinerary was shopping!

I got few pieces for my whole year stock and gifts for my team and relatives.

I didn’t shop a lot because I need to save for the 13th month of my employees. ahhaha

Ganon palagi, kapag pasko hindi ako gumagastos ng para sa sarili ko kasi may kailangan akong unahin. I need to provide the 13th month, gifts for employees and of course for the gift giving to my team, family and relatives.

October pa lang nakaplano na lahat kung ano lang ang dapat gastusan, nakatabi na ang budget para sa employee. If only I can save their whole year salary para hindi na ako mag alala. But now, that we are growing, madaming adjustments talaga but I’m glad that this year medyo maganda ang naging takbo ng business and I am so thankful for it at dapat ibalik ko din sa employees ko ang blessings. They deserved it.

So we had our lunch and Gareth was expecting rice, kaya medyo disappointed sya. Walang rice don sa resto.

Xavier is so happy and behaved in this trip. I’m so proud of them. Pwede na silang isama sa mga travels namin.

Ang haba haba ng pila, my goodness umabot ako sa Friday Sale kaya ayan ang laki ng discounts ko pero yon nga lang tyaga ka sa pila.

S.E.A Aquarium

The moment we arrived in Singapore Airport, Xavier picked up the map and he saw the S.E.A. Aquarium, he kept on bugging me to visit it. It was not really included it in our itinerary but we happened to include it.

After our visit to the zoo, we went to the aquarium right away and surprisingly, it was not raining that day.

At the entrance

The shark greeted us!

The kids were amazed!

Xavier is so curious and he got interested with fishes after we visited the aquarium.

It was indeed a great tour and I’m glad that we include it in our tour. The kids learned a lot from this trip.