S.E.A Aquarium

The moment we arrived in Singapore Airport, Xavier picked up the map and he saw the S.E.A. Aquarium, he kept on bugging me to visit it. It was not really included it in our itinerary but we happened to include it.

After our visit to the zoo, we went to the aquarium right away and surprisingly, it was not raining that day.

At the entrance

The shark greeted us!

The kids were amazed!

Xavier is so curious and he got interested with fishes after we visited the aquarium.

It was indeed a great tour and I’m glad that we include it in our tour. The kids learned a lot from this trip.

Puerto Azul

I don’t want to go home yet after meeting with friends.

I wanted to look for a beach that I can relax for the rest of the day. We checked the nearby resorts then found out that Puerto Azul is just 20 minutes away.


We arrived around 7am at the resort and decided to get a room then sleep.

We woke up around 2pm and I was already starving. Good thing is we brought Jollibee meal.

Then we decided to check the view of the resort.

The Beach

The path leading to the beach.

The water is clear though it was not a white sand. Oh well, since I’ve been to Maldives, I always lower my expectations  para hindi naman ako masyadong maapektuhan, para kahit papano maenjoy ko pa rin ang beach.

The downside of going to the best beach in the world, is you always compare and I guess hindi naman yan tama. Kasi kakacompare ko, hindi na tuloy ako nag eenjoy. Not to complicate things, bawal na akong magcompare. I will just enjoy and appreciate it.

But, I have requirements, I want a peaceful beach, as much as possible hindi maingay at dapat clear ang water. Dapat kahit papano kita ko ang sea shore at walang jelly fishes. Dapat hindi makati at hindi biglang lalim ang tubig. Kung ganon ang beach pwedeng pwede na sa akin kasi alam ko na pwedeng mag enjoy ang mga anak ko.

Kaya pumasa sa akin ang Puerto Azul…

I didn’t take a picture of our room kasi hindi ko nagustuhan. Sira ang ref at ang shower heater nila ay hindi naka on. 🙁

But all the basic needs was there but don’t expect it to be superb like Pico.

We stayed until 5pm and pay 4k for the room.

Madam Tussauds

In this trip, our goal is to have a relaxing tours, meaning less adventure since we have kids with us. They are not used to any adventure yet, so we carefully select tours that are easy for them. Though it may seems easy but believe me there was chaos and throwing of tantrums. We just have to deal with it and do our best to make this trip as peaceful as possible.

So we decided to visit Madam Tussauds and it was a great, the kids like it at first but eventually got bored, well, we already expected it to happen. Despite of it all, we had a great vacation and so thankful for this wonderful time.
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We had fun playing around and it was a great experienced.

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Gareth’s Meet Shrek

Nov. 26, 2016

We had Gareth’s birthday getaway at Singapore. Gareth watch Shrek Movie almost everyday and its his favorite. So we decided to let him visit the Universal Studios in Singapore to let him meet Shrek in person.







It was a humid day but we still managed to explore the place.







Gareth’s moment with Shrek



















Unplanned Getaway

Oct. 7, 2016

We haven’t sleep yet from our overnight worked and we decided to pack our bags and just go to Batangas. We don’t have any hotel or resort reservations and we just go.

It was a last minute decision because I really feel so tired of working and I wanted a break so much. We woke up everyone and telling them to prepare for our unplanned getaway.

We wanted to go to Laiya and just look for the resort that we can stay at least a night.

Then we ended at La Luz Beach Resort and opted to stay for 2 nights.


We had our early checkout after breakfast on Sunday because Xavier had fever, cough and colds. He’s not used to travel and maybe got stressed of what’s going on.

Though it was unplanned we really had a relaxing weekends, we just eat, swim and sleep a lot. It feels so good to sleep around 8pm and woke up at 5am and just stroll and witness the sunrise that I seldom experienced when I am at home.

PreBirthday Celebration

I had my Prebirthday celebration yesterday at Tagaytay but before that I also see to it to visit my Alma Mater. The school that molded me to become I am today. The place where I learn so much values that I am most grateful for.

The Sisters of Mary Girlstown Cavite.

I am graduate of Sisters of Mary Cebu.

When I entered the Museum:

Sister Mau: Hi Ate, kumusta na po.

Me: Ok lang naman. Dumalaw lang ako. Namiss ko to.

Sister: 10th batch po ba kayo?

Me: ha? hindi… 3rd batch ako.

Sister: Naku Ate, ang bata mo pa kasi.

o diba.. nakalimutan ko tuloy na 35 na ako.

Pumunta kami sa Museum ni Fr. Al. He was the founder of Sisters of Mary. He is really a good man. Sayang lang talaga kasi hindi ko sya naabutan nong pumasok ako sa SOM.

Meron din don mga souvenir items. I bought books, prayer guide and bookmark.


That is where Fr. Al buried. I went to him everytime I have wishes and everytime I don’t feel good or I need spiritual help. He never failed to help me. He is truly our father. I love how he teaches us and I can’t wait to read all his books because I wanted to know him more. I can’t wait na maging Santo na si Fr. Al. Ako siguro ang isa sa pinakamasaya  kapag nangyari yon.



Sr. Riza with Gareth, I am thankful for all the prayers of the nuns for me during those times when I was so down. During those times when my faith was deeply affected, Sr. Riza is the one who helped me back my faith.

After our tour at SOM we went to Tagaytay to visit Our Lady of Lourdes.

The Church is so nice.

Then we had our dinner at Antonio’s Grill in Tagaytay.

Nong dumating kami wala pang tao,  nong paalis na kami medyo madami dami na rin.


Our orders:


Ensaladang Talong




Grilled Pork


Grabe sobrang busog na busog ako. Medyo napasarap ang kain kasi nalipasan. Naligaw pa kami kasi hinanap namin ang Antonio’s Restaurant. Nakakaloka umabot yata kami don sa kasulok sulokan. As always, ang google maps minsan mali mali ang tinuturong direction sa amin.



Family Day

Sunday is always our family day. I see to it to spend quality time with them. When I was young, we also had our family day at Sunday too. I just want to continue that way because most of the memorable childhood memories I had was during those Family time.

So last Sunday, we prepared early because we want to go somewhere after the mass but when I went down I found out that my nephew has arm fracture. So instead of going to church right away we dropped by first at the hospital.

Nagpa Xray muna sya at yon nga may fracture talaga sya.

Kawawa talaga. Ang sakit daw! Pero nong Monday, nilagyan na ng semento para mas mabilis gumaling. Kawawa talaga. Nagpanic ako nong nakita ko yong elbow na tumabingi.

Then we went to Padre Pio Church in Libis. Finally, natapos namin ang mass kahit na sobrang kulit ng kids. Si Gareth, nakakaloka kasi after ng mass kumanta ng Boom Panes! gusto kong lumubog sa kinatayuan ko, mabuti na lang nag alisan na ang mga tao. Hay naku, sana naman mas maganda ang kantang pinasikat ni Vice kasi madaming kabataan na pinapanood sya. Nakakaloka!

At Eastwood Mall

We had our dinner at Mr. Kurosawa, our favorite japanese resto at Eastwood Mall.

Our orders:

May salad at barbecue pa yan pero hindi ko na napicturan kasi gutom na gutom na kami at si Xavier nag iiyak. Kailangan ko na syang kargahin at patulugin.

After naming kumain nag ikot ikot lang kami saglit tapos umuwi na rin. Nakakapagod…

By the way, nong nakita ko ang picture ko dito narealize ko na ang laki ko na naman. This time magpapayat na talaga ako. Promise!!