April 1 Update

We are still in a community quarantine and I am just staying at home.
I am glad that I have this Japanese corn for my merienda.
We are watching Netflix and I am currently watching Descendants of the Sun.
I was craving for suman last week and I am glad that we finally have it now. This is a casava suman.
I miss going out. I miss going to the meeting and putting makeup. I miss going to the office and talking to my team. I miss watching movies and going to the mall. I miss shopping. I miss running errands for the family. I miss driving. I miss going around the city. I miss staying in the coffee shop.. oh God, I miss my normal life.

But… I know that this too shall pass. So as we are still into it, I just stay at home and make the best out of it. I spend more time resting and be with the kids. I have nap time, reading time, movie time and cleaning time.

Of course I am still doing business while at home. I can’t just stay at home and do nothing. I am worried for my business. I am worried for my people and I am thinking of things to help them but I have limited resources. So am only giving what I can afford to give. I am just glad that they appreciated it and I think that is enough for me.
Before this pandemic began, I have already plan my life. I already have a year plan for my business and for personal life. I have it well planned already but it seems that God has better plan. He stopped everything we’ve planned and He just want us to take rest and think of Him this time. I know that this resting time will somehow make us a better person.

When this will be over and we all survived then I am sure this will make us a different person. We will see things differently now. We will not take things for granted anymore. We have a different mindset and it made us more human.

So no matter how difficult we were all experiencing right now, let’s not forget to trust in Him. This too shall pass…

March 27 Update

Still in a community quarantine and Xavier get bored and he borrowed my phone and when I saw this picture of him it simply made my day.
I share it to my fb account and my friends like it so much. Oh well, we need to post something positive this time because I am already fed up with too much negativity around me.
I seldom went to the office these days because I also need to protect myself. If I have nothing to do in the office, I just stayed at home. I am diabetic and have asthma as well, so I need to protect my immune system.

If I have very important thing to do in the office that’s the time I will visit. We have new campaigns and our summer seasonal account will start next month so I have no choice but to be in the office. We are doing some safety precautionary and social distancing.

I am selling vitamins C online and it’s a busy weeks for us here. Everyday we need to send at least 20 boxes of vitamins c. I am glad that in this hard time, I’m able to help my fellowmen.

Sometimes I can’t sleep thinking of the current situation. I am worried for my family, for my people and business. I hope that this will be over soon. The current situation here in the Philippines is still manageable, though in the first few days of the quarantine people were agitated but right now we are settle. We have curfews and the government started distributing relief goods. But it’s not perfect, there were some flaws but hey, we should not be focusing on that. We should focus that all of us are not prepare for this and whatever the government is doing now is enough and appreciated. I know they can do better than this but at least they are doing their part. Instead of shaming them, let’s be human.. let’s appreciate the things they’ve done and also let’s do our part.

I hope all of this will be over soon…

El Nido: First Day Tour

May 17, 2015

On our first tour in El Nido, we had Tour A.

The Tour A includes the following:

Small Lagoon
Big Lagoon
Secret Lagoon
Simizu Island
7 Commandos Beach

Here are some of our pictures:

Grabe talaga.. ang clear ng water. 🙂

Ang ganda ng views! kahit saan ang ganda ganda talaga ang I am so happy that I got a chance to visit El Nido.



My favorite part on this tour is the Big Lagoon:



This was taken at the Commandos Island, meron dong bar so we ordered banana shake 🙂


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At Clarkfield Pampanga

Sept. 19, 2014

Maaga kaming natulog kasi kailangan naming bumiyahe to Clark, Pampanga for my hubby’s hobby. He will be having his training at TRS. Pero around 2am, sobrang lakas na ng ulan at may kulog pa. Feeling ko hindi na kami matuloy kasi ang pangit ng panahon. At 8am, gumising na kami at tinawagan ang Racing School kung tuloy pa rin ba ang event on the next day at sabi nila tuloy na tuloy. No cancellations. Nakakaloka!

Nagbook na rin kami ng hotel kaya sayang talaga kung hindi kami matuloy pero wala kaming choice kasi hindi na passable ang Cainta. Wala na kaming pwedeng daanan. Malamang lulubog ang sasakyan namin.

So ayon, we waited and keep on checking kung saan pwede kaming makadaan. Around 11pm, we finally knew where to pass. Ang ibang area na binaha ay ok na so ayon naglakas loob kaming bumiyahe. Sabi ni hubby, basta makalampas lang kami ng Cainta ay ok na kami.

Umalis kami ng bahay ng 11pm at nakarating sa Hotel ng 3am. Medyo mabilis ang biyahe namin.

Pagdating namin sa hotel ay natulog agad kami at gumising after 3 hours.

Nakakaloka! antok na antok pa ako.

Dumating kami sa area ng around 7am, tapos na kaming mag breakfast non pero pagdating namin don wala palang food, kaya ayon, lumabas ulit kami para bumili ng food.

We stayed at Hotel Stotsenberg.

So far, ok naman ang hotel pero medyo palpak lang ang Phone nila. May sira yata kaya kung may kailangan kami, kailangan pa ni hubby bumaba sa reception. Mabuti na lang nasa 2nd floor lang kami nagstay kaya mabilis lang syang makababa.

3rd Day in Boracay

On our 3rd day we just had our last minute shopping para sa pasalubong at syempre nag swim swim din kami. Everytime na pauwi na ako galing bakasyon, nalulungkot ako. Mabilis akong maattach sa mga lugar na pinupuntahan ko. Minsan ayokong umuwi. Sabi ko nga kay hubby na kung pwede maiwan muna ako don, uwi na lang  muna sya at sunduin ang mga bata pabalik ng Boracay. Pero syempre hindi sya pumayag.


Ang sarap ng hangin at tunog ng alon. I wish I can stay longer but no.. I have so many things to do and my kids are waiting.

Saglit lang kami don pero sunog na sunog na agad ako. Ang hapdi ng balat ko mabuti na lang naglagay ako ng sun screen spray kaya medyo na control pa ang pagkasunog ng mukha ko.

Everytime I went to the beach, I never really cared if I looked so sunog kasi alam ko naman na pag uwi ko hindi na naman ako makikita ng araw. Kaya ayan carefree as ever!

See you next time Boracay!



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11th Wedding Anniversary

We exchanged our vows 11 years ago and until now we are still the same sweet couple. We still love to kiss and hold hands anywhere. Of course it is always like that, we also have our shortcomings just like any other couples but we try to work hard for our relationship to flourish.

Communication, respect, trust and love are the keys for our marriage. Since I don’t usually meet my friends, my husband is my constant companion in everything I do. We are bestfriends. We can talk about anything. We also love to eat and travel.

So for our 11th Wedding Anniversary, we decided to visit Boracay because I don’t want to travel outside Philippines because Xavier is still so young and I don’t want to leave him for so long. 3 days and 2 nights is what we got. I booked our tours 2 weeks before August 8, but since there are low pressure area that time, I thought of cancelling our trip but when Thursday come and saw the Sun shine so bright then it was a sign that we should pursue our trip.

August 8, Friday, was our trip to Boracay. It had traffic everywhere and we are almost late for our 11am flight. I am so glad that there were less people so we accommodated right away.

Arrive at Boracay around 3pm and it was very hot. I am so sure that we will be having a great time.

But around 7pm my sister who is taking care of my kids texted me that Xavier had high fever! OMG, that was it. I wanted to be at my child asap. I panicked!

They brought him to the nearest hospital where he got CBC and Urine test. While the nurses are doing it, I was on the phone the whole time and hear my baby crying. It was so hard for me and all I wanted to do is to cut our vacation short. Hubby kept on calling our transfer service around 12 midnight because we wanted to go home at 4am.  When they got the test result, there is no need for him to stay at the hospital. My sister assure me that it was nothing serious and no high fever already. But I keep on checking on them almost every hour. We keep on texting. Before our trip, I write in a 2 bond paper all my instructions on how to take care for Gareth and Xavier but still there are things that we really can’t control. We decided to just stay. whew!

On our second day, when Xavier don’t have fever, that was the time we relaxed. We stayed on a shore, just had our juice and sleep. I even finish reading the book. It was a very relaxing day, I just love the sounds of the waves and the fresh air.

At Kalibo Airport



First Day:

Since we arrived late, we decided to watch the famous sun set and it is always breathtaking. So perfect!



Our dinner:






To be continued…