Day 19

My first time to go outside Rizal. We went to Medical City in Pasig for hubby’s rabies injection. He got scratched by our cat and it was deep enough and he needs to have his injection in Medical City because it was not available here in Antipolo. I just stayed inside the car because I don’t want to go inside the ER. The last thing I want to visit is hospital in this particular time. I don’t want to risk my family and employees.

This picture is inside the parking space, it was creepy. Cars come and go and I keep observing people around me. Some open their cars and spray something, maybe a Lysol then they open their car. Then they will get inside and go. A lot of them are wearing masks and I can see that they are doctors and nurses. They looked so tired but still they are going to work. We need them now and I really appreciate their efforts. I hope they will not get sick. I hope that God and Angels will protect them. I hope that these pandemic will be over soon so we can go back to our normal lives.

The moment hubby went back to the car, I didn’t let him get inside immediately. I sprayed alcohol all over him and also in the driver seat.

When we went home, we let the kids go inside their room and we have to shower first. That is already the routine inside the house when someone needs to go out.

As of now, hubby is doing good. No more pains in his hand and the antibiotics are working already. He is also careful in touching the cats.

So that’s it… Life here is quite boring but that’s how it is.

I hope that this Covid 19 will gone forever!

April 1 Update

We are still in a community quarantine and I am just staying at home.
I am glad that I have this Japanese corn for my merienda.
We are watching Netflix and I am currently watching Descendants of the Sun.
I was craving for suman last week and I am glad that we finally have it now. This is a casava suman.
I miss going out. I miss going to the meeting and putting makeup. I miss going to the office and talking to my team. I miss watching movies and going to the mall. I miss shopping. I miss running errands for the family. I miss driving. I miss going around the city. I miss staying in the coffee shop.. oh God, I miss my normal life.

But… I know that this too shall pass. So as we are still into it, I just stay at home and make the best out of it. I spend more time resting and be with the kids. I have nap time, reading time, movie time and cleaning time.

Of course I am still doing business while at home. I can’t just stay at home and do nothing. I am worried for my business. I am worried for my people and I am thinking of things to help them but I have limited resources. So am only giving what I can afford to give. I am just glad that they appreciated it and I think that is enough for me.
Before this pandemic began, I have already plan my life. I already have a year plan for my business and for personal life. I have it well planned already but it seems that God has better plan. He stopped everything we’ve planned and He just want us to take rest and think of Him this time. I know that this resting time will somehow make us a better person.

When this will be over and we all survived then I am sure this will make us a different person. We will see things differently now. We will not take things for granted anymore. We have a different mindset and it made us more human.

So no matter how difficult we were all experiencing right now, let’s not forget to trust in Him. This too shall pass…

March 27 Update

Still in a community quarantine and Xavier get bored and he borrowed my phone and when I saw this picture of him it simply made my day.
I share it to my fb account and my friends like it so much. Oh well, we need to post something positive this time because I am already fed up with too much negativity around me.
I seldom went to the office these days because I also need to protect myself. If I have nothing to do in the office, I just stayed at home. I am diabetic and have asthma as well, so I need to protect my immune system.

If I have very important thing to do in the office that’s the time I will visit. We have new campaigns and our summer seasonal account will start next month so I have no choice but to be in the office. We are doing some safety precautionary and social distancing.

I am selling vitamins C online and it’s a busy weeks for us here. Everyday we need to send at least 20 boxes of vitamins c. I am glad that in this hard time, I’m able to help my fellowmen.

Sometimes I can’t sleep thinking of the current situation. I am worried for my family, for my people and business. I hope that this will be over soon. The current situation here in the Philippines is still manageable, though in the first few days of the quarantine people were agitated but right now we are settle. We have curfews and the government started distributing relief goods. But it’s not perfect, there were some flaws but hey, we should not be focusing on that. We should focus that all of us are not prepare for this and whatever the government is doing now is enough and appreciated. I know they can do better than this but at least they are doing their part. Instead of shaming them, let’s be human.. let’s appreciate the things they’ve done and also let’s do our part.

I hope all of this will be over soon…

March 22

Still in a community quarantine and I am not going out.
Yes, I follow the Government..
So today, it’s cleaning time!
I have a separate vacuum cleaner for the sofa and bed, floor and carpets. In my age, I somehow find it amazing to collect cleaning appliances and tools than spending on other things and I think it is beneficial now.
I also miss going out, so I can only go out near our gate. I have a sun bath for a while. eheheh I just miss the heat from the sun. I think I should do it often.
Xavier keeps on asking me when he will be going back to school and I told him that they are already on a summer vacation. He can’t stop thinking school and he keeps on bugging me about it. So when he requests for a movie or something to eat, we try to give it to him. I am quite nice to my kids lately because I know they are also stress out for the whole situation. I can’t even bring them to the nearby mall or park.

I hope that this situation will be getting better soon.

March 20 Update

We are still in community quarantine and we have to obey it.

I asked Xavier to check out temperature everyday so he has something to do.

I just hope this will be over soon.

I have things to do like my school papers but I am so lazy lately. It seems that I don’t have enough energy to do my assignments, so I ended up watching Netflix movies, read books and sleep. Yes I sleep a lot this time and I guess that is good for my health. So I am taking advantage of this quarantine.