The first time I visited Boracay was in 2012. The island that time had one ATM and we need to bring cash because some restos were not accepting credit cards.

I still remember at night that we went to join a party. I drink so much and then realized I had stomachache after. It was really bad that I can’t get up the next day. I was even looking for a nearby hospital. I knew back then that there was a problem with the water system in Boracay.

After that visit, I see to it to bring my own water and never ordered any fruit drinks or juices anymore.

One time I went to Starbucks and they were not serving cold drinks because they don’t have available ice. I appreciate their efforts of not serving their clients a water that was not safe.

I also don’t like the idea of bringing my kids to Boracay since I heard so much horror stories that after their vacations they spent in the hospital. I don’t want my kids to experience that and I don’t want to expose them to that unsafe environment.

When I first saw Boracay I really appreciate the beauty. It’s my favorite and it will always be.

Now that they are closing Boracay due to sewage system problem, I think it is just right. I think they’ve done this earlier but the previous administration was not considering it. I hope that the 6 months closure of Boracay will restore the beautiful Island. I will definitely be coming back with the kids in the future.

The picture above was taken on my first visit in the Island. I was overweight that time, around 180lbs.

I hope to visit soon, when the Island is ready.

Boracay Getaway Part 4

We don’t party at night this time, it’s very unusual when we visited Boracay in the past, maybe because the weather was so bad and most of the time I am sleepy. Aside from that, I was so bloated because it was so windy the whole day. I just keep on putting some essential oils on my tummy to make me feel better.

On our last day in Boracay, I am glad that the Mr. Sun showed up in the morning so we hurried up and take time to enjoy the beach.

It was still windy but I love the warm water. I love to stay longer but the waves was so strong that keeps on pushing us to the shore. 

The strong waves give me an instant massage but later on cause my muscle pain. 

Despite of everything, it’s still a great short vacation. 

Since the start of this year, I always wanted to have a short vacation but since we just started our new business, I always put our vacation on hold.

But there are moments that I don’t feel good anymore. My body and mind badly needed to have a break since I was so stressed out since September last year.

There are times we got a fight due to my bad temper. It seems that I can’t concentrate anymore and whatever I am doing seems not good enough and I feel so distracted. 

Before I booked this vacation, I even wanted to cancel it because I always think of our business. I am scared to go because what if something came up that made my decisions and I am not in the office.

So hubby fixed it, he made sure that we are online most of the time and I can access all our files, CCTVs and before leaving I made clear instructions to my team leaders.

Yes, as controlling as I am, it’s really hard for me.

I am not only concern about the office but of course with the kids too. I made sure that they have everything that they needed before we go. The vitamins, diapers, milk etc…

Haist… it’s not really easy but I need to check everything in detailed for me to have a relaxing getaway.

So while at the beach, I make sure to monitor my team and our home. I am glad that everything was in order because I can say that we’ve made this trip relaxing.

I realized that sometimes I need to let go my fears… I need to do things that really made me feel good because it will not only benefits me but with the company I am building.

Now that I got enough rest, I can focus more on the business and with all the plannings that we’ve made, I am now excited for our future.

Thanks Boracay!

’til next time…

Boracay Getaway Part 2

On our second day in Boracay, the sun was out. Well, out for just a while that enough for us to enjoy the beach and have some picture taking.

Heavy waves but I love the warm water. I love to stay in the water but got tired eventually due to the waves. We also tried the new phone of hubby and it’s really nice! The picture was perfect and we love how it made this trip more memorable. 

Look at the water details. I just love it!

Our marriage was not perfect but I am thankful that Hubby is really strong enough to stay with me all through out. I just hope that he will never change.. 

Boracay Getaway Part 1

August 9 was our 13th Year Wedding Anniversary.

We decided to have our anniversary celebration in Boracay. A week before it I finally booked our trip and I was hesitant at first because it was raining. I have a feeling that it’s not the best time but we really need this break so I just booked it anyway and hoping that the weather will be okay when we reached Boracay.

We packed light this time and excited!

It was so cloudy and raining when we left Manila. But still we are excited!

We reached Boracay earlier than usual. PAL flight was on time.

Then we had our dinner at the beach and spend the rest of the night exploring the island. It was windy and cold at night but it never stopped us of going out and celebrate!

3rd Day in Boracay

On our 3rd day we just had our last minute shopping para sa pasalubong at syempre nag swim swim din kami. Everytime na pauwi na ako galing bakasyon, nalulungkot ako. Mabilis akong maattach sa mga lugar na pinupuntahan ko. Minsan ayokong umuwi. Sabi ko nga kay hubby na kung pwede maiwan muna ako don, uwi na lang  muna sya at sunduin ang mga bata pabalik ng Boracay. Pero syempre hindi sya pumayag.


Ang sarap ng hangin at tunog ng alon. I wish I can stay longer but no.. I have so many things to do and my kids are waiting.

Saglit lang kami don pero sunog na sunog na agad ako. Ang hapdi ng balat ko mabuti na lang naglagay ako ng sun screen spray kaya medyo na control pa ang pagkasunog ng mukha ko.

Everytime I went to the beach, I never really cared if I looked so sunog kasi alam ko naman na pag uwi ko hindi na naman ako makikita ng araw. Kaya ayan carefree as ever!

See you next time Boracay!



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2nd Day in Boracay

On our 2nd day, we just stayed at the beach and walked from Station 3 to Station 1 back and forth. I never get tired walking kasi madaming paninda at maganda ang view.

We stayed at Crown Regency Station 3, beachfront.

We stayed here from 10am to 3pm. Nakatulog na nga kami sa sobrang sarap ng hangin. 🙂


Naghanap akong buko at eto ang mahal, umabot ng 150 each.


Hanggang umabot na kami sa dulo kakalakad. So worth it naman kasi dito namin hinintay ang Sunset. 🙂


Pasensya na kayo sa mga kalokohan ko. 😀


Best sunset ever!


11th Wedding Anniversary

We exchanged our vows 11 years ago and until now we are still the same sweet couple. We still love to kiss and hold hands anywhere. Of course it is always like that, we also have our shortcomings just like any other couples but we try to work hard for our relationship to flourish.

Communication, respect, trust and love are the keys for our marriage. Since I don’t usually meet my friends, my husband is my constant companion in everything I do. We are bestfriends. We can talk about anything. We also love to eat and travel.

So for our 11th Wedding Anniversary, we decided to visit Boracay because I don’t want to travel outside Philippines because Xavier is still so young and I don’t want to leave him for so long. 3 days and 2 nights is what we got. I booked our tours 2 weeks before August 8, but since there are low pressure area that time, I thought of cancelling our trip but when Thursday come and saw the Sun shine so bright then it was a sign that we should pursue our trip.

August 8, Friday, was our trip to Boracay. It had traffic everywhere and we are almost late for our 11am flight. I am so glad that there were less people so we accommodated right away.

Arrive at Boracay around 3pm and it was very hot. I am so sure that we will be having a great time.

But around 7pm my sister who is taking care of my kids texted me that Xavier had high fever! OMG, that was it. I wanted to be at my child asap. I panicked!

They brought him to the nearest hospital where he got CBC and Urine test. While the nurses are doing it, I was on the phone the whole time and hear my baby crying. It was so hard for me and all I wanted to do is to cut our vacation short. Hubby kept on calling our transfer service around 12 midnight because we wanted to go home at 4am.  When they got the test result, there is no need for him to stay at the hospital. My sister assure me that it was nothing serious and no high fever already. But I keep on checking on them almost every hour. We keep on texting. Before our trip, I write in a 2 bond paper all my instructions on how to take care for Gareth and Xavier but still there are things that we really can’t control. We decided to just stay. whew!

On our second day, when Xavier don’t have fever, that was the time we relaxed. We stayed on a shore, just had our juice and sleep. I even finish reading the book. It was a very relaxing day, I just love the sounds of the waves and the fresh air.

At Kalibo Airport



First Day:

Since we arrived late, we decided to watch the famous sun set and it is always breathtaking. So perfect!



Our dinner:






To be continued…

Weekend Getaway at Boracay

After the wedding, we found out that my friends are planning to go to Boracay. It’s just 5 hours land travel from Iloilo. At first I was hesitant to join because Gareth is not with us and we already booked our plane ticket going back to Manila. Friends are inviting us to join then finally me and hubby gave in. We realized that we needed to be surrounded by friends specially in this moment. For the past months, we don’t really go out with friends because it seems that we are not ready but now that we are with friends, it feels so good that just to be with them.

The road trip was hard because we are riding a jeepney but we survived. The fun part was we don’t have our swimming attire and we don’t have hotel bookings. I pray so hard that there are available rooms in La Carmela or Boracay Regency because that is the two hotels I love to stay but when I called the 2 hotels, they can’t confirm so it is advisable to just go directly to the hotel.


When we arrived at La Carmela, we are so lucky that they have extra room. We never wasted time and checked in while some of my friends stay in a hotel far from the beach front.  After we checked in to our hotel, we decided to buy clothes and some of the saleslady thought that I eloped with my bf. It was really funny and I keep on telling them I am with my hubby.


We stayed 3 days in Boracay. During the day, the weather was fine but during the night, it was so cold and windy and we can even stay longer in the beach so we decided to stay at the bar to have some drinks then headed back to our hotel.


It was fun being with friends again. I can’t wait for our next adventure.







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