Premier Cabin Hotel in Shinjuku

During our stay in Tokyo, we checked in at Premier Cabin Hotel in Shinjuku.

The place was so tiny but I think this is the common hotel rooms in the city.

I just remembered our hotel in New York, it was as tiny as this too. I think big cities have this tiny rooms.

Though it was tiny, but it was clean. All the things I needed was there and  near to everything we needed. The hotel staff were also nice and the breakfast was really good. I started missing the food when I came back home.

The bed was also so soft and comfortable that the moment I went back from our tour, I can sleep immediately.

Gotemba Premium Outlet

After visiting the Old Village, our next stop is the Gotemba Premium Outlets.

I’m not in the mood to shop, so I just check the Adidas outlet and bought jacket.

Then we looked for a place to seat but when it was time to go back to the bus, I saw interesting stores…

Then…  I just loose control.. hahahha

It was so spacious. Our 1 hour allotted time is not enough to check every stores.

Before entering to our bus, our tour guide saw us and took a picture of us together with the Mt. Fuji in our background.

I looked so tired already. I always sleep before 10pm when I was in Japan. Grabeng pagod kakagala kaya maaga natutulog.

Oshino Hakkai

We arrive at the Oshino Hakkai village on lunch time. So we had our lunch first before we explore the place.

This one is so satisfying…

History of Oshino Hakkai

The word Hakkai means “Eight Seas” which refers to the eight pools of water that serve as the main attraction of Oshino Hakkai. Bridges and pathways lead around and over these tranquil ponds.

These eight ponds (Deguchi, Okama, Sokonashi, Choushi, Waku, Nigori, Kagami, and Shoubu) are the beautiful byproduct of historic eruptions and intense volcanic activity.

Several are fed by an underground reservoir and are renowned for their mineral-rich spring water. In fact, the water in Waku Pond is so clear and clean that in 1985, the Ministry of the Environment ranked it among some of the nation’s best spring water. Go try the water and even bottle some to take home with you when you visit the area. Bottles are available at a low cost if you need one.

Most of the pools are filled by melted snow that has run down from Mount Fuji and some of them are inhabited by koi fishes.

Source: Japan Tourism

Everywhere we look there was food!

It is an old village and looks so peaceful.

5th Step of Mt. Fuji

After visiting the Lake, our next destination is in the 5th step of Mt. Fuji or the foot of Mt. Fuji.

I was not ready for the weather.

It was so humid and hot in the city and when we arrived in Mt. Fuji, it was so windy and chilly.

It is literally in the foot of the mountain and some mountaineer were there preparing for going up and suit up for the cold weather while I was wearing a summer dress!

It was so cold so we decided to go directly to this souvenir shop.

But we never bought anything… instead we went out and just check the place… .

That’s Mt. Fuji in a closer look 🙂

After checking the place, we decided to go back to our bus. It was so cold already… 🙂

Robot Restaurant

So after we check in, we need to be at the Robot Restaurant around 3pm.

We booked for the 4pm show but we need to be in the place at 3pm for our tickets.

Luckily, we arrived earlier. It was so hot and there were already more guests waiting outside the restaurant.

Around 3:30pm they let us in and we are in the waiting area.

To my surprise.. this is the waiting area.

Too much color! Too much brightness!

After waiting, we were guided to the restaurant.. and we were going down!

While going down, there were so much colors again! So many mirrors!

I’m not sure if I can make it anymore… I feel dizzy inside this colorful place! Here we are! they are offering food and drinks.

We already had our food preorder when we booked our tickets online.

My food.. but I never finished it. It was so noisy inside and I can’t even eat my food. 

The presentation was awesome but it was so loud..

Loud music and extreme lights!

Maybe this is well suited for the young people…

I have fun watching the show and it was a great experience and I might come back here with my kids and I’m sure they will enjoy this spectacular show!

Hello Tokyo

We used Uber Black when we arrived in Tokyo. I was so tired already and all I wanted to do is to freshen up and just relax in the hotel. It was so humid that time and it is really important to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

I am just thankful that we got a comfortable ride, we had a Toyoto Alphard going to the hotel. But we arrived earlier than our check in time, so we need wait a little before our room were ready.

Universal Studios Osaka

The reason why we went to Osaka first is because of Universal Studios!

Yes we love theme parks! Our goal is to bring the kids to the theme parks worldwide! yay! I can’t wait to bring them anywhere! We will make more happy memories together!

Anyway, it took us 2 hours before we arrived in Universal Studios Osaka. Naligaw na naman kasi sa train. Mali ang nasakyan namin… kailangan pa naming bumalik sa station kung saan kami galing.

Anyway, kasama na talaga yan sa pag explore ang maligaw.

I’m glad we reached right on time. Hindi mahaba ang pila at dahil medyo gutom na kami, kumain muna kami bago kami nag explore.

Ang goal talaga namin ay mapuntahan ang Harry Potter Theme…

So eto na…  ang saya saya ni hubby!

PUmila kami ng napakahaba.. only to find out na yong pinasok pala namin ay kailangan magrides! Yong parang nasa stick ka nakasakay!

My God, hindi ako ready! akala ko simpleng rides lang… yon pala para kang nasa loob ng washing machine!

The whole time nasa ride ako ay nakapikit ako. As in nakakapit lang ako don sa rides at nakapikit! Rinig ko lahat ng pangyayari pero hindi ko kayang imulat mata ko dahil sobrang nakakahilo talaga!

And yes.. akala ko atakihin ako ng vertigo ko.

My goodness! pagkatapos don parang nanlambot ako at umupo na..

Nagpahid na ako ng mga essential oils… after ilang minutes naging ok na rin ako! nakakaloka! hindi ko na uulitin yon!

Kansai Airport

When we arrived at the Kansai Airport, I was so amazed!

It was so big and so clean. I immediately used the toilet and oh my… so clean. Then, I got confused of their toilets… parang ang daming pipindutin but later on I figured it out already. ahhahaa

After we passed the immigration, we found out that we need to ride a train to reach to our hotel.

It’s quite confusing using the train but then we had fun.

Good thing, hubby had Waze that made our travel time to Japan more efficient.

So here I am… ready to have fun!