Temple Tour

Our next stopped was the Temple.

I was excited because I never visited a Japanese temple before…

There was this long street before arriving the temple.ย There were food and souvenirs in the streets but I can’t buy any since we don’t have enough cash anymore. We looked for ATM but we can’t find any. So we just decided to go directly to the temple and meet our group.ย At the temple

I got a chance to do the Omikuji.. and so amazed with the result.ย 

I love visiting local temples because that is how I learn about the local culture.

Tea Ceremony

It is my second time to have Tea Ceremony in Japan.

I like it because I got a chance to know their culture and it always amazed me and that is the reason why I love travelling.

So we went inside a hotel and to my surprise we were headed to a wonderful garden.
There is this little hut and we went inside to do the tea ceremony.

At first we were given this little sweet candy.

Then they demonstrated the tea ceremony.

Then they gave us this matcha tea, it was a little bitter and with the sweet candies, the taste seems perfect.ย 

After the tea ceremony, we were given time to explore the garden…

At merong kinasal… ๐Ÿ™‚

The garden was so relaxing… They even have a little lake inside…

Premier Cabin Hotel in Shinjuku

During our stay in Tokyo, we checked in at Premier Cabin Hotel in Shinjuku.

The place was so tiny but I think this is the common hotel rooms in the city.

I just remembered our hotel in New York, it was as tiny as this too. I think big cities have this tiny rooms.

Though it was tiny, but it was clean. All the things I needed was there andย  near to everything we needed. The hotel staff were also nice and the breakfast was really good. I started missing the food when I came back home.

The bed was also so soft and comfortable that the moment I went back from our tour, I can sleep immediately.

5th Step of Mt. Fuji

After visiting the Lake, our next destination is in the 5th step of Mt. Fuji or the foot of Mt. Fuji.

I was not ready for the weather.

It was so humid and hot in the city and when we arrived in Mt. Fuji, it was so windy and chilly.

It is literally in the foot of the mountain and some mountaineer were there preparing for going up and suit up for the cold weather while I was wearing a summer dress!

It was so cold so we decided to go directly to this souvenir shop.

But we never bought anything… instead we went out and just check the place… .

That’s Mt. Fuji in a closer look ๐Ÿ™‚

After checking the place, we decided to go back to our bus. It was so cold already… ๐Ÿ™‚