Gotemba Premium Outlet

After visiting the Old Village, our next stop is the Gotemba Premium Outlets.

I’m not in the mood to shop, so I just check the Adidas outlet and bought jacket.

Then we looked for a place to seat but when it was time to go back to the bus, I saw interesting stores…

Then…  I just loose control.. hahahha

It was so spacious. Our 1 hour allotted time is not enough to check every stores.

Before entering to our bus, our tour guide saw us and took a picture of us together with the Mt. Fuji in our background.

I looked so tired already. I always sleep before 10pm when I was in Japan. Grabeng pagod kakagala kaya maaga natutulog.

5th Step of Mt. Fuji

After visiting the Lake, our next destination is in the 5th step of Mt. Fuji or the foot of Mt. Fuji.

I was not ready for the weather.

It was so humid and hot in the city and when we arrived in Mt. Fuji, it was so windy and chilly.

It is literally in the foot of the mountain and some mountaineer were there preparing for going up and suit up for the cold weather while I was wearing a summer dress!

It was so cold so we decided to go directly to this souvenir shop.

But we never bought anything… instead we went out and just check the place… .

That’s Mt. Fuji in a closer look 🙂

After checking the place, we decided to go back to our bus. It was so cold already… 🙂

The Amazing Mt. Fuji

I always wanted to see Mt. Fuji. So I see to it that it is included in our tours.

We need to wake up early because our tour starts around 8am. We had our breakfast at 6am, then headed to our meeting place.

It took us 2 hours before we arrive at the Lake Kawaguchi.

The view…

Then we had our tea ceremony first.

The room was full and mostly Filipinos.

I am not really a tea lover but I love the taste of matcha tea.

Thanks to our tour guide for this picture. We seldom have pictures together for this trip,  unless we asked random strangers to take a picture of us.

We joined in a tour and we were the last to get in the bus so we seated at the end part of the bus.

The tour guide speaks good English and I learn a lot from her.