Emperor’s Palace

Our next stop was going to the Emperor’s Palace.

We walked and walked.. it was quite far from where our bus stop..

We finally arrived at the gate of the Palace!After that bridge is the palace.. we walked up to the gate but we are not allowed to go near the gate. It was a bit gloomy that day!The Gate

Since we walked far, we got thirsty… 

Lunch Time

After our tea ceremony, we went to a hotel with a huge garden.

We were headed to this restaurant…

Then they prepared our lunch…

It was grilled meat.. oh it simply made my day! I love grilled meat so much! They cooked it the way I wanted it.

I think we ate a lot… it made me more energized the rest of the trip. Then they served this vanilla ice cream. I had this picture taken while waiting for everyone…

Tokyo Tower

We joined a city tour and our first stop is in Tokyo Tower.

The Tower

This time we seated in a front part of the bus because we came in early this time. yay!

But to my dismay, I don’t want to went up to the tower because I am really afraid of heights and I don’t want to ruin my day of going to the tower on our first tour. So, I let hubby went up to the tower while I just stayed in the bus.

Our picture taken together by a tourist too, we were so thankful for him.

I think next time, I will also went up, if my mood is okay. ahahha

The Amazing Mt. Fuji

I always wanted to see Mt. Fuji. So I see to it that it is included in our tours.

We need to wake up early because our tour starts around 8am. We had our breakfast at 6am, then headed to our meeting place.

It took us 2 hours before we arrive at the Lake Kawaguchi.

The view…

Then we had our tea ceremony first.

The room was full and mostly Filipinos.

I am not really a tea lover but I love the taste of matcha tea.

Thanks to our tour guide for this picture. We seldom have pictures together for this trip,  unless we asked random strangers to take a picture of us.

We joined in a tour and we were the last to get in the bus so we seated at the end part of the bus.

The tour guide speaks good English and I learn a lot from her. 

Robot Restaurant

So after we check in, we need to be at the Robot Restaurant around 3pm.

We booked for the 4pm show but we need to be in the place at 3pm for our tickets.

Luckily, we arrived earlier. It was so hot and there were already more guests waiting outside the restaurant.

Around 3:30pm they let us in and we are in the waiting area.

To my surprise.. this is the waiting area.

Too much color! Too much brightness!

After waiting, we were guided to the restaurant.. and we were going down!

While going down, there were so much colors again! So many mirrors!

I’m not sure if I can make it anymore… I feel dizzy inside this colorful place! Here we are! they are offering food and drinks.

We already had our food preorder when we booked our tickets online.

My food.. but I never finished it. It was so noisy inside and I can’t even eat my food. 

The presentation was awesome but it was so loud..

Loud music and extreme lights!

Maybe this is well suited for the young people…

I have fun watching the show and it was a great experience and I might come back here with my kids and I’m sure they will enjoy this spectacular show!

Hello Tokyo

We used Uber Black when we arrived in Tokyo. I was so tired already and all I wanted to do is to freshen up and just relax in the hotel. It was so humid that time and it is really important to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

I am just thankful that we got a comfortable ride, we had a Toyoto Alphard going to the hotel. But we arrived earlier than our check in time, so we need wait a little before our room were ready.