Shibuya Crossing

At the famous Shibuya Crossing..

Before we went to Japan, I do my own researched about the places to visit and I found out that people have this post in Shibuya Crossing and I told to myself that I should my picture crossing too… just like everyone!

so kahit ang bigat bigat ng maleta, pinanindigan ko talaga yan!

Lahat na yata nong crossing don ay tinawid ko na para lang makakuha ng nice shots!

Medyo nakakapagod pero mabuti na lang at nagawa ko!

Till next time! 

Temple Tour

Our next stopped was the Temple.

I was excited because I never visited a Japanese temple before…

There was this long street before arriving the temple. There were food and souvenirs in the streets but I can’t buy any since we don’t have enough cash anymore. We looked for ATM but we can’t find any. So we just decided to go directly to the temple and meet our group. At the temple

I got a chance to do the Omikuji.. and so amazed with the result. 

I love visiting local temples because that is how I learn about the local culture.

Emperor’s Palace

Our next stop was going to the Emperor’s Palace.

We walked and walked.. it was quite far from where our bus stop..

We finally arrived at the gate of the Palace!After that bridge is the palace.. we walked up to the gate but we are not allowed to go near the gate. It was a bit gloomy that day!The Gate

Since we walked far, we got thirsty… 

Tea Ceremony

It is my second time to have Tea Ceremony in Japan.

I like it because I got a chance to know their culture and it always amazed me and that is the reason why I love travelling.

So we went inside a hotel and to my surprise we were headed to a wonderful garden.
There is this little hut and we went inside to do the tea ceremony.

At first we were given this little sweet candy.

Then they demonstrated the tea ceremony.

Then they gave us this matcha tea, it was a little bitter and with the sweet candies, the taste seems perfect. 

After the tea ceremony, we were given time to explore the garden…

At merong kinasal… 🙂

The garden was so relaxing… They even have a little lake inside…

Robot Restaurant

So after we check in, we need to be at the Robot Restaurant around 3pm.

We booked for the 4pm show but we need to be in the place at 3pm for our tickets.

Luckily, we arrived earlier. It was so hot and there were already more guests waiting outside the restaurant.

Around 3:30pm they let us in and we are in the waiting area.

To my surprise.. this is the waiting area.

Too much color! Too much brightness!

After waiting, we were guided to the restaurant.. and we were going down!

While going down, there were so much colors again! So many mirrors!

I’m not sure if I can make it anymore… I feel dizzy inside this colorful place! Here we are! they are offering food and drinks.

We already had our food preorder when we booked our tickets online.

My food.. but I never finished it. It was so noisy inside and I can’t even eat my food. 

The presentation was awesome but it was so loud..

Loud music and extreme lights!

Maybe this is well suited for the young people…

I have fun watching the show and it was a great experience and I might come back here with my kids and I’m sure they will enjoy this spectacular show!