Tea Ceremony

It is my second time to have Tea Ceremony in Japan.

I like it because I got a chance to know their culture and it always amazed me and that is the reason why I love travelling.

So we went inside a hotel and to my surprise we were headed to a wonderful garden.
There is this little hut and we went inside to do the tea ceremony.

At first we were given this little sweet candy.

Then they demonstrated the tea ceremony.

Then they gave us this matcha tea, it was a little bitter and with the sweet candies, the taste seems perfect. 

After the tea ceremony, we were given time to explore the garden…

At merong kinasal… 🙂

The garden was so relaxing… They even have a little lake inside…

Bullet Train to Tokyo

So it is the day that we will be going to Tokyo through Bullet Train!

I was so excited!

Everytime I heard about the Bullet Train when I was young, I always wonder how fast it was! I wanted to experience it and I never thought that this time will come!

The fare to Tokyo was quite expensive but it was so worth it. We had our early breakfast then headed to the station. We rode a taxi to the station to save us time and besides we were carrying heavy luggage.

Yay we were so ready!

It was indeed so fast! It only took 4 hours from Osaka to Tokyo and the ride was so smooth. I was even sleeping most of the time. It was so comfortable.

I highly recommend it!

The best ride ever!

Exploring Dotonbori Osaka

On our first day in Osaka, we decided to have our DIY tour to Dotonbori. 

We tried using their train and it was a bit confusing… 

Some of the ticket machines don’t have English translation and we need to use our phone apps to translate it. 

Sometimes we even rode a different train and end us in a different station but they have this fare adjustment that we can easily exchange our tickets. 

It was quite hot when we were in Japan. So most of the time I am wearing a summer outfit. 

It was so humid.. but it never stopped us of going around the area. 

We had lunch here at Dotonbori and it satisfying. It prepares me to do the walking.. 


I am so happy when hubby found this black sesame ice cream!
It is one of my favorites, when we ate at Japanese Resto in Philippines, they seldom serve this ice cream and if they do, the serving is so small. Palagi akong bitin. Pero dito sa Japan sobrang sulit.. ang dami ng servings!
The famous Don Quijote! Grabe ang laki nitong Don Q sa Osaka.. but I never explore it kasi gusto ko sa Tokyo mamili.
This river is so clean! I wish Pasig river is as clean as this.
Going around the place 🙂
Napagod kakaikot kaya tumigil at nagpicture taking muna.