Universal Studios Osaka

The reason why we went to Osaka first is because of Universal Studios!

Yes we love theme parks! Our goal is to bring the kids to the theme parks worldwide! yay! I can’t wait to bring them anywhere! We will make more happy memories together!

Anyway, it took us 2 hours before we arrived in Universal Studios Osaka. Naligaw na naman kasi sa train. Mali ang nasakyan namin… kailangan pa naming bumalik sa station kung saan kami galing.

Anyway, kasama na talaga yan sa pag explore ang maligaw.

I’m glad we reached right on time. Hindi mahaba ang pila at dahil medyo gutom na kami, kumain muna kami bago kami nag explore.

Ang goal talaga namin ay mapuntahan ang Harry Potter Theme…

So eto na…  ang saya saya ni hubby!

PUmila kami ng napakahaba.. only to find out na yong pinasok pala namin ay kailangan magrides! Yong parang nasa stick ka nakasakay!

My God, hindi ako ready! akala ko simpleng rides lang… yon pala para kang nasa loob ng washing machine!

The whole time nasa ride ako ay nakapikit ako. As in nakakapit lang ako don sa rides at nakapikit! Rinig ko lahat ng pangyayari pero hindi ko kayang imulat mata ko dahil sobrang nakakahilo talaga!

And yes.. akala ko atakihin ako ng vertigo ko.

My goodness! pagkatapos don parang nanlambot ako at umupo na..

Nagpahid na ako ng mga essential oils… after ilang minutes naging ok na rin ako! nakakaloka! hindi ko na uulitin yon!

Exploring Dotonbori Osaka

On our first day in Osaka, we decided to have our DIY tour to Dotonbori. 

We tried using their train and it was a bit confusing… 

Some of the ticket machines don’t have English translation and we need to use our phone apps to translate it. 

Sometimes we even rode a different train and end us in a different station but they have this fare adjustment that we can easily exchange our tickets. 

It was quite hot when we were in Japan. So most of the time I am wearing a summer outfit. 

It was so humid.. but it never stopped us of going around the area. 

We had lunch here at Dotonbori and it satisfying. It prepares me to do the walking.. 


I am so happy when hubby found this black sesame ice cream!
It is one of my favorites, when we ate at Japanese Resto in Philippines, they seldom serve this ice cream and if they do, the serving is so small. Palagi akong bitin. Pero dito sa Japan sobrang sulit.. ang dami ng servings!
The famous Don Quijote! Grabe ang laki nitong Don Q sa Osaka.. but I never explore it kasi gusto ko sa Tokyo mamili.
This river is so clean! I wish Pasig river is as clean as this.
Going around the place 🙂
Napagod kakaikot kaya tumigil at nagpicture taking muna.

Birthday Getaway

Me and hubby just turned 40 this year and we wanted to celebrate it in a different way.

At first, I wanted a big party but realized that it is not what I really want…

Because I wanted is to be in a place I’ve never been… So we decided to visit Japan. Japan is a dream destination of hubby and since we love Japanese food, we decided that it is indeed the best location to celebrate our 40th birthday!

Early this year, we already booked our ticket, then each month we plan our tours. I let hubby prepare our itineraries because he is more familiar with Japan. Boarding..

Meal on board

Ayaw namin magutom 😀

We arrived around 7pm.