Temple Tour

Our next stopped was the Temple.

I was excited because I never visited a Japanese temple before…

There was this long street before arriving the temple. There were food and souvenirs in the streets but I can’t buy any since we don’t have enough cash anymore. We looked for ATM but we can’t find any. So we just decided to go directly to the temple and meet our group. At the temple

I got a chance to do the Omikuji.. and so amazed with the result. 

I love visiting local temples because that is how I learn about the local culture.

Treasure Mountain in Tanay

I always wanted to catch the Sea of clouds so I decided to ask hubby and my siblings that we should go in Treasure Mountain at dawn time.

The night before that we were in the office and went home around 2am and just get our jackets and take us some coffee and suman.

Then we arrived at the area around 5am and it was so dark.

Then they let us in… \

still so dark..

then waited for the sun rise

It was a bit cloudy and rainy that day…

But I am happy to see the sea of clouds.. pero konti lang.

We stayed until 10am because my siblings and her friends went to the spider climb thing…

While they had fun, hubby and I got our picture takings…

It was a great weekend..

We were so tired after that little adventure.

We slept around 1pm already and we were so tired!

I’m sure to come back with the kids!