Baguio Getaway

During Holy Week, we usually do our Visita Iglesia within Metro Manila but since I just gave birth, we decided to do it in Antipolo Cathedral. On our way to Cathedral, hubby eventually decided that we will be going to Baguio.

So went back home to pack clothes, well, he packed clothes but it seems that he didn’t pack that much. In short… I am wearing something I don’t feel like wearing. hahah but still, it never stop us from having a great time in Baguio.

We left around 4pm on Thursday and reached Baguio around 11pm. We were already very sleepy and we didn’t even have hotel accommodation and I was really hoping that we can get a good rooms.

When I saw the Crown Legacy, we asked if they have 2 vacant rooms and luckily we got it. We got a nice room, unpacked everything then have a good night sleep… ooopps not really good night because in between we are taking care of Xavier. He might be very tired and over stimulated so he is crying for hours before he slept.

We also woke up early to start our Station of the Cross at Baguio Cathedral then we went to Burham Park and Mines View.

On our second day we went to Strawberry Farm then went back to Manila. It was a short getaway but so worth it. It was hubby’s first time to drive to Baguio.

Baguio Cathedral

First family picture with Xavier 🙂

Strawberry Farm

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