Nami Island, South Korea

Feb. 14, 2020
On our way to Nami Island.
Just arrived at the Island
We witnessed a wedding proposal.
They belong to our group tour and the guy informed our tour guide about his plan. So when we went to Nami Island, we acted as if we don’t know the plan. They look so great together!
Xavier is having fun… that’s his crazy pose!
My boys! My love!
Ate Irish
Happy Valentines day!
Eight years ago, we also celebrated our Valentines day in Korea and now we are back with the kids. It is indeed a great Valentines day!
With our Lucky Charm
With my Valentine 🙂

Everland Resort

On our first day we went to Everland Resort.
I like this one because we stayed outdoor most of the time.
If only I am younger, malamang sumakay na ako sa roller coaster na yan. Sobrang laki nan at grabe ang lamig that time kaya malamang kung sasakay man ako dyan, maninigas ako sa lamig.
After namin sumakay nito, sobra kaming nilamig. Nag stay kami sa coffee shop at don uminom ng hot choco.
Sobrang saya ni Xavier, takbo ng takbo at enjoy na enjoy sa mga nakikita niya.

Off to South Korea

Feb. 12, 2020
We were off to South Korea.
This vacation was originally planned last year but I need to reschedule it due to some conflict with my other travels.
Then finally it happened! I am glad that this time the kids are with us.

We went to South Korea last 2013, a month after I lost my daughter. I was not on my best that time and though South Korea is a beautiful country, I never appreciate that much because I was heart broken.
So this time, I am more excited because my mood is way better than the first time and of course I am with the kids.
We were 3 hours earlier and I am glad because we have more time to relax.

South Korea Tour Part 3

On our 3rd day we went to Nami Island. The travel time from Seoul is more than 1 hour. Good thing we left early so no traffic and less crowded.

At Nami Island, I experienced snow fall and I was very happy because I was praying so hard for it.

Here are some of the pictures:

This place is very famous because of the tv series “Winter Sonata”


We also visited Le Petite France. This place is famous for korean novela settings.


This was taken on our way to N Tower.


On our 4th day we stayed most of the time at the hotel and do some shopping.

I miss South Korea and upon posting this one the North Korea is declaring war to South Korea and I hope it will not happen. South Korea is a nice place and the people are so friendly.

I love the Winter Weather and so happy that I experienced it with hubby.

During our tour, I was still grieving but I managed to smile and make our trip memorable. The tour is a big help in managing my grieving period. I realized so many things and wishes that the cold weather will take away the pain I feel.


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