2nd day at Pico De Loro

It was a gloomy day.

I woke up around 6am and we had breakfast.

We decided to stay on the beach when it was not yet raining. We need to be hurry since we will be checking out at 12noon.

Here is Xavier still don’t want to go in the water. He just want to play his sand toys.

But he obliged if I wanted to take a picture of him.

Hubby and Gareth enjoying the cold water.

This was taken by Xavier! He already know how to use a camera.

Hunk 😀

This is Xavier’s feet, he asked me to take a picture of it.

He was thirsty so we ordered mango shake. He liked it so much.

Around 11am we went back to the hotel and start packing our things for our 12 noon check out.

More Pictures

If I choose over mountains or beach, I always have the beach.

Beach can make me feel good. It takes all my worries away.

It is essential for my well being.

So here are some of the pictures…


During breakfast

A very rare moment that Gareth sits down with me. He got tired of swimming and rested for a while, so I took the moment to have our picture together.

Just resting and I was reading through Kindle. I never finished a book because I need to look after the kids. They are so demanding.

Then hubby asked me to pose in the beach. He is really the one in charge of taking pictures of me. It’s a hit or miss type and he is learning to take good pictures and I appreciate him for that.

He said that I should have my photoshoot session before we headed back to the hotel.

It shows in my face that though it was a quick getaway, somehow I relaxes.



Pico De Loro Getaway

We celebrated my husband’s birthday at Pico de Loro. We wanted to stay at the beach but since we can’t travel yet far from home because Xavier is just 2 months, we opted to stay at Pico de Loro. The beach is very private and so perfect for a birthday getaway.

I got a corner room and we really love it. We traveled without a yaya and it’s our first time to try and we are proud of ourselves that we made it. It’s not easy but we love it. We love going somewhere without yaya’s because that is a perfect time to get to know our kids. I am glad that the kids are used to be with us and we really know what they want so it is easy for us to bring them anywhere.

Here are some of the pictures:

That is the real happenings inside our room. 🙂

Gareth is watching TV while Xavy is sleeping. 🙂

Shower Area

View from our room

The Beach

Hubby and Gareth love the beach. 

We requested a baby cot for Xavier but it turned out that Gareth liked it. He sleeps and play in a baby cot. 🙂

It was a smooth sailing getaway but we really love it. We got a time for ourselves and for the kids. We also had a great time to be with them without any distraction. It was hard because both of them are demanding but we are used to it and we just enjoy it.

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