2nd day at Pico De Loro

It was a gloomy day.

I woke up around 6am and we had breakfast.

We decided to stay on the beach when it was not yet raining. We need to be hurry since we will be checking out at 12noon.

Here is Xavier still don’t want to go in the water. He just want to play his sand toys.

But he obliged if I wanted to take a picture of him.

Hubby and Gareth enjoying the cold water.

This was taken by Xavier! He already know how to use a camera.

Hunk 😀

This is Xavier’s feet, he asked me to take a picture of it.

He was thirsty so we ordered mango shake. He liked it so much.

Around 11am we went back to the hotel and start packing our things for our 12 noon check out.

Madam Tussauds

In this trip, our goal is to have a relaxing tours, meaning less adventure since we have kids with us. They are not used to any adventure yet, so we carefully select tours that are easy for them. Though it may seems easy but believe me there was chaos and throwing of tantrums. We just have to deal with it and do our best to make this trip as peaceful as possible.

So we decided to visit Madam Tussauds and it was a great, the kids like it at first but eventually got bored, well, we already expected it to happen. Despite of it all, we had a great vacation and so thankful for this wonderful time.
img_5042 img_5090


img_5037 img_5041 img_5066 img_5058 img_5060 img_5076 img_5085































We had fun playing around and it was a great experienced.

If you are interested to avail of our tour packages just email sasumanstravelandtours@gmail.com


Singapore Flyer

We decided to bring the kids to Singapore Flyer. It is my second time and this time I am more calm, unlike my first time ride. I have fear of heights and so that is the reason. I am always trying to convince myself that it is okay, that the place is safe.















So here we are.. we are ready!







img_4979 img_4983 img_4995 img_4998



img_4993 img_4999




It was a nice experienced with the kids around. I love spending time with them specially every time we travel. I got a chance to know them more.

As long as I live, I want to travel with them. I want to show to them the beauty of traveling. I want to expose them to different cultures because it is the best way to gain knowledge.

Cheers for our more adventures!

Ikea in Singapore 

One of my favorite place to visit in Singapore is Ikea. I love every pieces they have and I want to bring it home. But since I am only allowed to have an extra of 10kilos, I only got few pieces but to my surprise, when we were at the airport, my luggage has an extra 15kilos. So there.. I need to pay extra.



I so love this kitchen! I wish my kitchen looks like that.

I wanted to go back and purchase those shelves and I will be sending it home through a shipping company in Singapore. But for now, I will be saving for it first and I hope to return their asap. 😀



Hotel Elizabeth 

We stayed at The Hotel Elizabeth along Orchard Road. I chose this hotel to have easy access to a nearby malls and tourist spots.

We arrived earlier than our check in time so we had our lunch first. I was so tired already and starving at the same time. All I wanted to do that time was to eat and sleep. But the kids are so active, they sleep a lot at the plane so they are hyper.

The hotel room is quite small and everytime we had our breakfast, we need to line up. The restaurant was quite small.

We requested an extra bed for Gareth and it help him sleep comfortably.

We stayed for 4 nights and it was great.

If you are looking for a nice hotel within the city then I highly recommend this hotel.

You can email sasumanstravelandtours@gmail.com for more info about Singapore Tour.


Gareth’s Meet Shrek

Nov. 26, 2016

We had Gareth’s birthday getaway at Singapore. Gareth watch Shrek Movie almost everyday and its his favorite. So we decided to let him visit the Universal Studios in Singapore to let him meet Shrek in person.







It was a humid day but we still managed to explore the place.







Gareth’s moment with Shrek



















11th National Product Quality Excellence Awards

April 29, 2016


While my team was in AFP Theater to receive the Global Excellence Award, Hubby and I were at the Crown Plaza Galleria to receive the 11th National Product Quality Excellence Awards.

We arrived around 7pm and still not starting.

Around 9pm the program started.

Nagmukhang nasa Comedy Bar kasi ang galing ng mga hosts. Bentang benta sa amin ni hubby ang mga jokes nila.

The awarding was in Alphabetical order so we were called during the last batch.  We were called around 10:30 pm and I am just glad that the dinner was served that time because I was already starving.

I wear my tutu skirt and I will blog more about it next time. 🙂

Sasuman’s Travel and Tours back to back awards from 29th Global Excellence and 11th National Product Quality Excellence Awards!

I am honored by recognizing me and my business. When I started building my businesses, my only dream is to provide work and opportunities to my fellowmen and it was never in my wildest dreams to be recognized by the Prestigious Awards Giving Bodies. Since the start of the year 2016, we already received 4 awards and I am very thankful for the blessings! It is indeed a great year after experiencing the lowest point of my life in the past years.

Yet, I believe that I am just starting, getting an awards and being recognized as a promising entrepreneur is just a start and I still need to work so hard to keep my businesses stand despite the unpredictable Philippine economy. As what I always say, “Starting a business is easy but keeping it, is challenging.”

Some are asking about my secrets, but there’s no secret at all. What you see is what you always get. I am just focus on my goals and never let my personal life intervene my business life. If you are working with me, you will definitely understand what I mean. I am such a controlling boss and my staffs knew it all. I can be their best boss at the same time worst, because I always aim for perfection.

At the end of the day, awards is just a reminder that I’ve done a great job but what always matters to me is how I leave marks to our clients and putting food to my staffs table. What always matters to me is bringing opportunity to those who believes in my company.

I wish that God will continue to bless me more so I can share more too!

I would like to dedicate these awards to Elvis Sasuman for supporting all my ideas, To Gareth, Ayumi and Xavier for inspiring me, to my siblings Charlyn, Jill, Jay Arr and Irish for being my inspiration and supporters and to Mama for the words of wisdom and for believing in me and to my team (Sasuman’s Travel and Tours, Angel Ayumi’s Wellness Spa and EJ Empire Marketing Services). Let’s continue to soar!

Thank you Fr. Al and to all the Angels!

To God be the Glory!

29th Global Excellence Awards


Last night, Sasuman’s Travel and Tours was awarded by the 29th Global Excellence Awards.

It was a great honor to be part of this event and being recognized.

I was not able to attend because I was also attending another event. I wish to receive the award personally but I am glad that my sister, who is also my assistant in the Travel Agency was able to receive the award.

It’s a great honor to receive such award.

Kids joined me while I was having my picture taking.. 🙂

At the end of the day, they are indeed my great rewards.

Ben Cab Museum

The reason I visited Baguio again is to visit Ben Cab Museum. I came across some blogs about  it and I got curious. I love arts and I think this is a right place to visit.

So on our last day in Baguio, we were scheduled to visit the museum. We arrived at around 5pm.


I love everything 🙂

This is the view from the top.

It has a modern design and it was huge. I like that gardens and the pond.

I enjoyed our short stay in Baguio and I will definitely be coming back soon with the kids.