Birthday Celebration

Yay, I just turned 41!

There is no other place to celebrate it but in the office — my happy place.

Since the lockdown, I seldom went to the office but since it’s my birthday, merong konting handa.

We have spicy truffle pasta and smoked ribs. My team love it so much…

This birthday is special because of the things that are happening in the world right now. Most of us somehow lost and affected by this pandemic. There were so many changes in our lives in these past months and everyone somehow affected by this pandemic.

I am thankful for the gift of life. Thankful that my my family and team are all okay. I am fervently wishing that this pandemic will be over soon.

Birthday Month

Yay! July is finally here!

Since March, I seldom go out because of this pandemic!

I had my own share of anxieties and fears.. but I learn facing it day by day.

So many things are going on in our world and so I would like to celebrate my Birthday for the whole month! This is the first time that I am excited to celebrate and I plan that every Sunday we should have a feast in our home.

This first Sunday of July here are the food we have…

I realized that I should celebrate life and enjoy life. Specially now that we are experiencing this pandemic, everything is uncertain.

I hope that this pandemic will be over soon…

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Happy Birthday Clint

November 22, 2019

My nephew Clint celebrated his 14th birthday in the office.

We had our simple celebration with the team.

We had adobo and pansit!

He had his birthday salubong at midnight and blowing of cake.

We had ice cream too! ayan birthday na birthday talaga!

I’m now 40!

Whew! Life has indeed is full of surprises !


I turned 49!

I was not yet okay because of hat happened to my Mother in Law.. but I need to celebrate my 40th Birthday.

I had it simple..

This was taken of ly Birthday salubong at home. I wish good health for myself, family and team. I wish the business will continue to grow so I can share my blessings.

Friends Birthday Celebration

It’s my high school bestfriends 40th birthday!

We planned it a month before that we will be going to a comedy bar on her birthday!

So we did!

Ang usapan namin ay 7pm pero nalate sila kasi sobrang traffic. Galing pa silang Cavite.

Nagkita kami sa Eastwood Mall.

Nong una hindi ko pa makontak agad kasi nalow bat na. Ayon nakicharge pa pala..

Mabuti na lang at dumating sila right on time…

Then we went to Zirkoh around 9pm

Mabuang ko!

Grabe ang tawa namin! Parang kahit papano nabawasan ang stress sa business…

Ang galing talaga nitong mga komedyanteng to… I know na kung hindi ka matalino hindi ka pwedeng maging komedyante…

Aba mahirap yata magpatawa…

Kaya nakakabilib talaga sila…

Here’s the birthday girl… Amy!

Happy 40th birthday Amy! I wish you good health and happiness always. I am always here for you! Cheers for more success!

Happy Birthday Husband

We celebrated hubby’s birthday in the office.

We cooked spaghetti and lumpiang shanghai for 90 pax. It was started in the morning til midnight. We need to deliver food in 3 different shifts so everyone can eat.

Happy Birthday Husband! I wish you good health, success and long life!

With the team… 

Singing the birthday song..

It was a simple yet memorable celebration. Husband wants to celebrate in a simple way…

Hubby’s 40th Birthday Dinner

We had our dinner at Sambo Kojin, Eastwood.

It’s an eat all you can restaurant in Quezon City.

We arrived around 7pm and accommodated after 1 hour.

With the birthday boy… 😀

At first I got some sushi

Irish was grilling seafood.

My siblings was not prepared for this eat all you can. They though we will just have dinner at  home.

My plates 😀

Sobrang busog after ng eat all you can. Pero gusto pa ng kids maglaro…

Ayan pinagbigyan namin..

It was so humid that time… grabe ang summer ngayon… lumabas ka lang saglit ang lagkit lagkit na. Dahil hindi ko kinaya ang init, ayon umuwi na agad kami.

It was a great day! I’m so happy and blessed to have a loving husband.. who stays with me through thick and thin.. yeah

Office Birthday Celebration

March 15, 2019

Xavier requested to have 3 birthday celebration, in the house, school and office.

So we granted all his requests!

So this time is the office birthday celebration!

The cake

He has a new friend 🙂

So we finally granted all his requests!

Happy 5th Birthday my Love! I wish you that you grow up to be a best kid, good health and safety always!

I love you so much!

Gareth’s 12th Birthday

Yay! Gareth just turned 12 years old last November 14.

I still remember that day I gave birth to him.

It was supposed to be a weekly regular check up but my OB found out my water was below normal so the emergency CS was performed.

I can’t believe how quick it was done. I was so excited for him, I didn’t feel any discomfort after because all I wanted to do that time was to take care of him.

Then fast forward… it was 12 years ago already!

I am so lucky to have him. Though he’s a special child, it was always easy raising him. He’s always happy and just being by his side is always enough for him.

So here are the simple things we did on his 12th birthday….

Birthday salubong, 12midnight.. we sang happy birthday to him and for the first time he blew his own candle this time.

Then we ate at the restaurant, at BonChon because it’s his new favorite.

While waiting for the food.

Then we had milk tea


And went to church at Padre Pio Church in Eastwood

They lighted candles

We pray for good health and safety always.

I thank God for trusting me to be a Mother of Gareth.


I just love it that Gareth and Xavier loves each other. Gareth knows how to deal with Xavier. I like how much they love and care for each other.

At the church

It was a simple celebration and I love it this way.

Love you my dear kids!