Virtual Graduation

July 25 was Xavier’s Virtual Moving Up

It was not a typical graduation but I’m glad that we made it. I’m so proud of Xavier. Actually, I don’t push him too much in getting awards because I wanted him to enjoy his Kinder life.

But he has some awards and I am so thankful! I am so proud of his achievements.

The virtual graduation started around 10am, so we need to wake him up earlier than usual so he can prepare himself. We setup the green screen and connected the laptop to our TV.

The setup was great! I am thankful to hubby for setting up everything. The green screen is very helpful everytime we have zoom meeting with our clients.

This virtual graduation is of course something new to all of us but this is great, we should always find ways to at continue our life, though we know that it is so depressing but by all means we should get up and continue living our life. Let us always look on the positive side and think of things that we can do to improve our lives.

I know someday we will look back this event and we will remember how we survived and I know that whatever circumstances we are dealing right now will make us a better person in the future as long as we will not stop innovating. So guys… just hang on and believe that this too shall pass…

United Nationโ€™s Costume

Xavier’s United Nation’s Costume this year is Saudi Arabia.

Hubby looked for this perfect costume for him 3 days before the event.

I was sleeping when he went to school and when his home I took a picture of him. He told me that he was thinking of me the whole time because I was sleeping, he wanted me to be in his school to take a picture. I was a bit sad that I didn’t went to his school.. I will make sure to attend to his school activity next time.

School Time

I woke up early for this…

I wanted to take a picture of him wearing complete uniform on their office school day.

Time flies so fast.. he is now in Kinder 2.

I am so proud of him. He learn a lot and grow as a responsible kid.

I love hearing his school stories everytime he went home.

Most of the time when he’s going to school, I’m sleeping but I make sure to wake up the time when he arrives from school because that is our time to talk.

My rainbow baby is growing so fast…

Moving Up

April 11, 2019

Xavier’s Moving Up Day!

We woke up around 5am for his 8am event.

Too early for us..

We were so excited…

We arrived on time…

We are so proud of him..

I always tell him to do good in school. To listen to his teachers, be nice to everyone around him and to be careful always…

Before the start of the program, we hour our groupie first ๐Ÿ˜€

The Awards ๐Ÿ˜€

I am so proud of him. His teachers told me that Xavier is very logical, they need to prepare everytime he asked questions, because Xavier is a serious type.

Oh well…ย  kanino kaya to nagmana?

Office Birthday Celebration

March 15, 2019

Xavier requested to have 3 birthday celebration, in the house, school and office.

So we granted all his requests!

So this time is the office birthday celebration!

The cake

He has a new friend ๐Ÿ™‚

So we finally granted all his requests!

Happy 5th Birthday my Love! I wish you that you grow up to be a best kid, good health and safety always!

I love you so much!

School Birthday Celebration

March 11, 2019

We decided to have his school birthday celebration on a March 11, a day after his birthday.

We bring cake, spaghetti and burger from Jollibee.

He lead the prayer.

His classmates

He had fun because it is his wish to have a birthday celebration at school. I’m happy to give him what he wanted…ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Birthday Salubong

March 10, 2019 – Midnight

Xavier’s birthday salubong…

The Invitations were ready for his school party….

We’ve waited for 12 midnight.. look at his eyes… he was so sleepy.

My handsome Xavier! ๐Ÿ˜€

Family Picture

With Titas and Kuya Clint

Birthday Dinner

March 10, 2019

Xavier’s 5th Birthday!

We went to church then we had our dinner at Eastwood.

He grows so fast! I can’t believe it that it’s been 5 years already…

Every moment with him is really fun, he brought so much love and joy to the whole family.

My day always starts with him..

He is so talkative already… he can explain so many things. He has a wide vocabulary also. Sometimes he have this words that I don’t even know and he can explain it to me so well.

But he’s so sensitive lately. He always wanted so much attention. Whenever he wants to talk, we should be focus on him or else he will get mad.

We had seafood!

With the whole gang

It was a simple celebration..

I thank God for the continuous blessings and I wish for Xavier’s good health and safety always!

To E.R

Feb. 19, 2019

Xavier had dry cough for 2 days and I was so worried. He can’t sleep well and irritable the whole time.

We decided to bring him to ER.

His blood was tested and everything was normal but he needs to take antibiotics.

After almost 2 hours in the ER we went home.

On the next day, he was a little bit okay, no more dry cough and sleeps better.