Yearly Reunion

We had our yearly reunion at Pasig. I see to it to join every year because this is the only time that we will get some updates about our lives. I miss them terribly. Though I have a busy schedules I really make sure to spend time with them.

They are my childhood playmates. We were together since birth and they made my childhood more memorable. We had so much good memories growing up and I think that is a great bond. I am happy with my family and so grateful that they are my family.



We had exchange gifts worth 300 pesos.



I got blanket, towel and wallet. 🙂


We got a chance to meet the new member of the clan. 😀


Then we had dance contest for the kids and to my surprise, Xavier showed his moves. LOL




They keep on asking how I lose weight. 😀


We had so much fun. It was a great night!

I am teaching the kids to know their relatives and the importance of spending time with them. Family is our strength and will stay with us in good and in bad times.

I am forever thankful for this chance to be with them and looking forward for our next party party!