Pico de Loro

We had our quick getaway the moment we found out that Xavier had almost a week of vacation from School. It was exam week and they only need to report to school for a day then the rest of the week they were free. So we made a rush booking at Pico de Loro and luckily we got a room…  we stayed for 3 nights.

Finally, we were able to go to the beach! so excited…

Xavier loves to write his name to any hotel notes whenever we visited one. So I make sure to collect those notes. 🙂

We were so hungry when we arrived. We had our late lunch.

When Xavier find out that we will be going to the beach, he made sure to prepare his sand toys. He was playing his sand toys the whole time.

I just love lounging in the beach… just chilling… just feeling the sun, wind and salt 🙂

They are both opposites, Gareth loves to stay in the water, he likes to swim so much while Xavier just wanted to stay in the shore and build sand castle.

On our second day, I woke up around 4am then we walked to the beach. It was a 15 minute walk to the beach and it was so perfect. The water was so calm…

We were able to check the other part of the resort and it was our first time to see it. We were here so many times before but we never explore this part.

My boys 🙂The morning calm…

Family picture 🙂

It was a quick getaway but so worth it.

We will be busy for the rest of the month and I am glad that we squeezed this to our schedule.