My Monday

while everyone had holiday hangover, here we are at the gym!
I want to start the week right!

I always had this love and hate relationships with the gym. I still remember when I was first started working out, I was 26 that time and I was already started gaining weight and I decided to try going to the gym. At first I had fun but later on I had body pain all over so I need to stop. But I keep on going back but in my own pace. I don’t pressure myself to go to the gym. Eversince, I never stop going to the gym, but I am not a gym buff, I just go to the gym to feel energized and because I am always sitting, I know that I need to move my body to have at least physical activity. When I am in the gym, I feel good because the people there are so positive and they look happy.
While going up to the gym, I saw this cat and keeps on following me. Maybe he’s hungry.
When I’m done working out, the cat still there and so we share food.

We had dinner at Coffee Project after working out. I had protein because that’s what I needed most. So we stayed a little longer because it was pouring. I just enjoy being outside.. observing people..