Sixth Year

Jan. 3, 2019

6th year Angel Anniversary of Ayumi…

I was not feeling okay…  ang hirap bumangon.

Parang alam na alam ng katawan ko na hindi eto magandang araw. Tandang tanda ko pa rin lahat ng mga  nangyari that day.

Na minsan ay paulit ulit na bumabalik sa memory ko kaya minsan nadepress na naman ako pero this time alam ko na kung paano icontrol. 

We visited her and went to the mall after to have dinner. It was not an ordinary day… it’s a day that I lost part of me…


  1. Just discovered your blog. You are all you are at the moment. Ayumi is in your heart.
    Sharing the grieving part of losing someone we love can help many whom have lost someone they love, too. Lost my mom 2 years ago… it’s a terrible new truth and feeling less of my true self without her. I understand your emotional journey.
    Always know that Ayumi knew you loved her and still honor her.
    Take care and be well!
    PS…I started at the true sleeper review and you mentioned paying 21k…so i thought that must be Philippines peso.

    1. Hi Helen,

      Yes, that’s in Philippine Peso.
      Thanks for those wonderful words. I am still grieving and those words really matters to me.

      God bless!

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