I feel good today even though I woke up with a high sugar. I manage to lower it and I don’t feel any pain in my body. I love the feeling.

Last night was terrible. After work, we went to the gym, I had a great time working out but to my surprise I got so low. Well, 98 mg/dl is low for me since my body is not used to it yet. I am looking forward to reach that normal level eventually.

I got dizzy but I never panicked. I ask the lady to give me juice and it made me feel better. That is my first real hypo without medication. I hope it will not happen again because I don’t like the feeling.


I choose to be happy today. I read blogs related to happiness and diabetes and I learn a lot from them.

Maybe.. I will avoid reading to much medical records but focus on dealing my diabetes with happiness. I don’t want diabetes to ruin my life. I know that I have it 24/7 but I won’t let it affect my life 24/7.