Bubbly Mom


>It’s almost 12pm but still I’m not yet sleeping since yesterday. I am awake for 24 hours. Today is a busy day for us, we went to the bank and to Shopwise for our grocery. Gareth is with us the…

>Food and Internet

>Today I am craving for fried chicken. We ended ordering from McDonalds and I really love it. We are so busy and we don’t have time to go out or cook. Gareth love the gravy with rice and so we…

>Night Out

>Last Friday we went out to have some fun.. well, we really need it.. We went to Eastwood Libis, Q.C to watch movie and have dinner. Lively night at Eastwood. Dinner time at Seafood Island we miss kinilaw or kilawin….

>Quick Post

>We just got home from a night out with my husband. We watched movie then dinner. I have some pics to post but I have to do it tomorrow because my right ear has pimple and it’s really irritating. It’s…

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