Coloring Time

I wanted to teach Xavier to do some arts because everytime he saw my paintings he always say “wow”. At a young age, he already appreciate arts.

So, I bought a water color for him to try.

He likes it so much and I am excited to see his paintings.


I am back on doing Scrapbooking. I ordered a printed copy of Xavier’s pictures and now they are ready for scrapbooking. When Gareth was born, I also created a scrapbook for him and then to Ayumi but her scrapbook was soaked during typhoon and I need to do it again.

Scrapbooking is my way of relaxation too, just like painting and reading books. I like it when I saw my kids pictures and reminiscing those days when they were still newborn.

I’m not yet done but here are some of the latest…


I need more papers and some cut outs to finish the whole thing. I am excited to finish it and to show it to Xavier. 😀

My babies

It always made me feel good if my kids get along so well.

Gareth is now 8 years old and a special child while Xavier is 1 year and 4 months. They  have different personalities and it is challenging for us. Sometimes Gareth don’t like to be with Xavier because Xavier keeps on biting him. Xavier on the other hand are doing such things because he wants more attention from his kuya.

So when they do something like this, I feel so happy and proud of them because I know that someday they will be bestfriends.



I can’t wait to witness more of this everyday. 🙂

Xavier Turns 4 Months

July 10:

My little Xavy is not so little anymore. He just turned 4 months. So as a tradition, we bought him a cake and we have some picture picture moment.

This was taken when he woke up that morning. I was still half sleep while I took this picture. Sanay kasi syang manggising sa akin kapag nauuna syang gumising. Ang sarap gumising kapag ganito ka cute ang katabi mo. 🙂

So I had this conversation with hubby:

Me: Grabe ang hirap palang makatulog kapag may katabing gwapo.

Hubby: So 14 years ka na palang puyat. (Referring the years that we are together).

Me: Hindi naman… so far 4 months pa lang akong puyat.

Puyat ako minsan kakatitig lang kay Xavier. ahhahaha



Heavy Baby Bump

I am on my 28th week now and the baby bump is getting bigger and heavier. I decided yesterday to start buying for Baby’s items since I already have a hard time walking around the mall.


We bought few pieces only and hubby is so excited. I let him picked what he wanted for our new baby. He has fun and I just love watching him doing the shopping.

It’s a Boy

.it's a boy


I am very excited when I had my ultrasound yesterday because I can’t wait to find out the gender of our rainbow baby.

The doctor find it hard to check the gender because the legs are close. I still need to change position and cough to let the baby open the legs. When the baby finally opened the legs, the doctor confirmed that IT’S A BOY!

I am excited that finally I know his gender so that I can start shopping. Specially now that I am getting heavier. I can’t wait to start picking his clothes and crib. I can’t wait to hold the baby in my arms as well. 🙂

Gareth and Ayumi Moments

My kids are my life. They are my inspiration why I am continue doing good and keeping myself healthy because I want to see them grow old and to be with them in every milestone of their lives.

I love to wake up each day seeing them happy and contented. Though sometimes they quarrel a lot but I think that is part of being a kids. I know that they love each other and I can feel that they really take care of each other.

I want them to grow up close to each other.


While they are sleeping.


They love picture time. 🙂


After watching movie.

Learning to bike.

Just chilling 🙂

Gareth is teaching Ayumi to read. 🙂

Play time


When Kids are sick


OMG, my two kids both have fever and both are irritable. Gareth has foot and mouth disease so he can’t eat properly and I am really worried. The doctor told us not to worry too much because it will subside in a week. Of course I am worried because the food intake of Gareth is really affected.

Ayumi’s fever are manageable and so far she don’t have rashes and I hope she will not get the foot and mouth disease too. I hope the sleepless nights will be over soon.

I miss my super active kids, I can’t wait to see them feel better soon.

My not so ordinary day…

I spend most of my day with kids since I am working at home. Though sometimes I have to lock myself to our room just for me to concentrate working because sometimes the kids are so noisy. But today is quite different… I am not as busy so I have time to be with them.


We play a lot. Gareth and Pillow wants to be tickled. They also love to watch educational cd’s together. Sometimes they love to play together then fight after. Gareth is a very cool kuya. He loves to cuddle Pillow while Pillow keeps on pushing Gareth away.


As a mom, I feel so lucky to witness on how close they are. I am so happy that they both love each other.

I hope that they will continue to be like that.


Here are some of the pictures I took today:

With Pillow 🙂


Gareth is not in the mood. 🙁


Gareth: no picture please!! I’m not in the mood!

My little assistant is busy. 🙂

So sweet!! 🙂



Cutey Pillow 🙂


Thank God I have this wonderful kids! I love my life because of them. 🙂